We are sorry!

I am sorry for not attending the HOSA speaker night! I had an after school activity that lasted until 6! I am so sorry! I will better notify you next time! :) - Heather Routh

Hanna Zysk- I'm sorry for not going last night, I got scheduled for work from 5-8:30! Sorry for not letting you know I wasn't going to make it!

I am very sorry for not attening the Hosa night. My mom had to work until 5 and I had to babysit my younger sister on top of many homework assignments. Again, I am sorry I could not attend. -Maddie McGehee

I would like to apologize to the HOSA comittie for not attending the guest speeker HOSA night on October 31st. I should have notified you as soon as I was notified that I could not attend. It was very rude of me to do so. Again, my apologies to all of the comittie. -Makala Limpert

I am truly sorry for not attenting the HOSA meeting. I had a big A & P test to study for. -Sarah Roth

Kiersten- I would like to apologize for not attending the HOSA activity last night. I was looking forward to going but i completely forgot all about it and I'm so sorry. I hope I can make it to the next activity.