Alina Jurado

The Three levels of Consciousness

The totality of our consciousness is comprised of three levels : The subconscious,the conscious, and the superconscious
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The subconscious is relatively dim in awareness : it is the area in which dreams are made. The subconscious resides every experience we've ever had, every thought, every impression of loss or gain. It determines our pattern thought and behaviors way more we may realize or even imagine. The subconscious mind can to easily fool you into thinking intuitive guidance.


We receive guidance in the conscious sate, the rational awareness that usually guides our daily life decisions. This helps us input sense to analyze the facts,and make decisions based on this information. This may also be affected by the opinions of others, which can cloud or guidance. If you only find yourself relying on this stage of mind you may find yourself asking in certainty and slipping into a state of perpetual indecision.
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The conscious mind is limited by its analytical nature,and therefore sees all things are separate and distinct. This part of the mind sees everything like whole not just one part.