Activities in Australia

A great thing to do while you are in australia is visit some of its many attractions. You can go on a Safari in Darwin or visit the Opera House in Sydney. The deck chair cinemas is a great place to 'watch a movie outside on the beach with a few close friends. Once you're done with the movie, what's better than to actually visit the beach; since Australia has so many. It's a hot weather outside at all times, in Darwin so you can also go check out the Leanyer Water Park. It has 3 massive slides which you can go down multiple times.
If you are one the the more quiet people- dont worry, you can go visit the museum and learn about how the country got divided into territories at "The Defence of Darwin Experience". This museum is one of the more interactive kinds of this generation. So you see, Australia is a great place to go for a vacation since there are numerous amounts of activities to do there.