February Newsletter

Self Reflection

Basic tips on time management for students

  • Minimize distractions
  • Your study environment-
  • Turn off your phone and internet while you're studying.
  • Definitely turn off the TV!
  • Make sure that any music you listen to is actually helping you study and not a distraction. Music is ok, but whether it helps or hurts is a personal thing. You're the only one that will know.
  • Time of day when to study- Studying at the same time each and every day helps.
  • Total 100% focus for at least 40 minutes at a time- Studying for 10 minutes here and there just will not cut it.

  • Some other tips Travelling time – make good use of your time travelling to and from school each day. This adds up to a lot of time and you can use it to get in some extra studying or reading. What do you do with your time between classes? Do you use this time productively or do you waste it? Sitting closer to the front of class tends to make it easier to concentrate.