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SIG Sierra Canyon- Day, Week 1 Newsletter

We are now well into Week 1 and we are having so much fun! We are making ice cream, making crystals, putting on a variety show, exploring tropical treasurers and much more. Look inside to see all the adventures that we embark upon daily!Here are some important dates to remember; Monday July 21, 2014 from 8-8:40 am we will be having our "Meet and Greet". We will be serving a light continental breakfast where you can meet the instructors and staff. Back by popular demand "Crazy Days", Thursday July 24th will be "Crazy Sock Day", so wear those outragous socks. Then Thursday July 31st will be "Crazy Hat", so look in your closet or ask your parents for that hat you've been longing to wear or you can be the mad hatter and draw your own.We are developing a parent list for those who would like to keep in touch after the program. Please email Rosemary if you are interested this at

The Alley of Artists

Algebra and More Algebra!

This week "Anticipating Algebra" really got engrossed in the mathematics adventure of: the Number Devil! In our read aloud this week, we learned about irrational and rational numbers, terminating decimals, repeating decimals, prime and composite numbers, as well as squares and exponents. We also posed several questions and math tricks from the book for students to solve. If anyone can memorize all prime numbers from 1-100, they can see Ms. Keller and get a prize. Are you up for the challenge?

In "Algebraic Expressions" we continued with our choice centers. Students were able to choose from a variety of group problems that they found to be interesting. Many of them included other types of mathematics like: logic, number theory, statistics, geometry, etc. Students could choose their best learning style like working alone or in groups. One interesting problem set involved using algebra to figure out what numbers certain shapes stood for. Ask your child for their number shape problem that they came up with. Can you figure it out?

Making Simple Machines out of Complex Designs!

The President called to inform us that we have special orders! We are working on transporting water to a community that has suffered from a drought. There is pipe work under that shiny silver! It's top secret!!!!!!!

The Secrets of the Spies

In the scientific and secretive spy class, students are hard at work creating their spy biographies.

In addition, they also had an exciting guest speaker who was a real spy!
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The Hour of the Coders

In the Online Design class, students completed the "Hour of Code" program, which was a component of the Computer Science Education course last winter. All students completed it in less than an hour!
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More Pictures Starring our Online Designers!

Our Very Own Ice Cream Makers

In the "Curious Chemist" course, students had the opportunity to make ice cream in baggies. They used salt, milk, ice, cream and a little vanilla to make a delicious treat!

Inventing Robots and More!

In the "Eureka!" course, students are making individual projects. They are using paper towel rolls, bottles, and tin foil to make robots, machines, and more!

Cryptograms, Cipher Wheels, Oh My!

This week we solved cryptograms and used cipher wheels to crack secret codes. We also finished our "one hour of coding" challenge from You can continue the coding adventure at home by making an account and continuing through the coding program. We used math to solve the secret codes that someone programmed into number and shape machines. The workers at a factory would put a shape in, and then different shapes came out. We are so smart that we were able to figure out what the code was. We weren't fooled!

Don't forget to ask your child what you call a "Clumsy Bee." We figured out that riddle by using a substitution cypher.

Some SIGnificant Writers at Work...

Detecting Using Periscopes!

After days of creativity and hard work, our detectives are finally able to use their periscopes. The detectives were able to see over walls and around corners using the refraction of images on the mirrors inside their periscopes. We also learned that this is how submarines see above water without having to surface.

Here are Some of our Favorite Detectives in their Jammies!

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Dynamite Dinosaurs!

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Fun with Newtonian Physics!

Ask your child:
How does Bernoulli's principle cause lift on the wings of an airplane?
How are lift and thrust countered by gravity and drag?
How does displacement allow huge ships to float?
How does pressure affect the buoyancy of a diver?
What is the formula for density?
How can I find the density of an irregularly shaped object?
How do different densities cause different fluids to separate?
What is Archimede's principle and how does it affect buoyancy?

Engineers Hard at Work

Getting More Theatrical Everyday!

From Peter Pan Rap to Tap Dance Fairy... we are as eclectic as you can imagine! There are no dragons, but there is a crocodile! If you stay for a while you will see just how beautiful a melody can be ... especially if sung by a scholar from SIG!
We cheer and we write! Oh yes, It's our delight to shine and to sing almost anything! Just wait till you see how improvisation is so naturally a part of 'we' and please do not forget that there is much more in store...
Never a bore! Our skits are the bits of us we share for you to feel how real our love of theater truly is !


Wednesday, July 16th is Costume Day!
Friday, July 18th is our last day and the Closing Ceremony will be from 4:15-5:15pm that same day. Invitations to follow!

Finally, if you need to get in contact with us...

Direct Office Number: 914-217-5279

Kevin Wickersham

Lisa Kivell
Office Manager