Bison Bulletin

Volume 1 Issue 9

Life's little lessons

Have you ever wondered if all of your work is making an impact on your students? After all, you spend hours and hours planning and preparing for your next task. You start to sound repetitive because you're saying the same thing over and over again and it seems as though you aren't being heard.

I was feeling that way the other day and then randomly out of nowhere, a PreK student stands in front of me and says:

"I know who you are. You're Mrs. Sandoval and you're my school principal. Your job is to keep me safe." I looked at our little 4 year old and said "You're absolutely right".

I learned a few lessons from that little 4 year old in that very moment:

  • Yes!!! The broadcast system finally works!
  • That student honestly believes that my job is to keep him safe and is holding me accountable every single day.
  • Even when it seems as though our students aren't grasping every single lesson, they are definitely listening to our words and our actions.
  • This students knows I care about him and his well-being.

That moment alone, defined my number one purpose at Hancock and I will forever love our "SafeKeeper" ritual.

I share this story mostly to encourage you- keep repeating those CHAMPs, keep practicing your classroom rituals, keep reminding them to take CHARGE! Our students ARE listening and YOU are making a huge IMPACT everyday.

Your SafeKeeper,


84 Hancock students participated in the PISD Summer Slide- ITz Pizza Field Trip!

New cafeteria schedule begins Monday, October 3rd!

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Watch D.O.G.S Pizza Night- Oct 4th at 5:00PM

We will host our Watch D.O.G.S. (Dads of Great Students) Pizza Night this Tuesday, October 4th 5:00PM-6:00Pm. We are excited to welcome our school family dads, uncles, grandfathers and other father figures. We are expecting a large crowd of over 400 (dads and kids)! Please consider attending- we'd love for all of you to meet our dad's. We will have a Team Hancock Sign-In Sheet in the front office.

School Family Assembly Thursday, October 6th!

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Wish Well!!

Send your well wishes to:
  • Mr. Penton
  • Ms. Koonce
  • Coach Bo

Welcome Home Ms.Diana Gayton!!

We are excited to welcome Ms. Gaytan! This week she will join Team Hancock and will begin preparing her classroom to welcome our 1st graders.

NO Bison Time, NO PLCs, NO Exploration Zones this week!

Upcoming Dates

Oct 3-6- NO Bison Time, NO PLC, NO Exploration Zones

Oct 3- CBA 1 Math

Oct 4- CBA 1 Reading

Oct 4- Progress Reports go home

Oct 4- Team Leader Meeting

Oct 4- Watch D.O.G Night 5PM-6:30PM- Teacher please attend to meet our Dads!

Oct 5- CBA 1 Writing

Oct 5- Hancock Workout Group Meeting with Coach Bo

Oct 6- Hancock Summer Slide Event for qualifying students (8:00AM-9:00AM)

Oct 6- Rotary visits Hancock-3rd Grade

Oct 6- School Family Assembly (1:00PM-2:00PM)

Oct 6- Dedication/PBIS Committee Meetings

Oct 7- Focus

Oct 10- Planning Day

Oct 11- Bison time begins again, PLC begins again

Oct 11- Cafeteria open to parents for lunch!

Oct 11- Parent Volunteers Meeting

Oct 13- Faculty Meeting

Oct 13- Classroom Meetings for Parents 5:30PM-6:30PM

Oct 18- Fall Pictures

Oct 20- Culture and Climate/ CHAC Committee Meetings

Oct 22- Walk for Sight 8:00AM

Oct 23- Red Ribbon Week Begins!