Safety Online

Strong Passwords

When you go online make sure you have strong passwords so no one will no your password and make sure you dont have the same password for different websites because if someone know's one of your password they will try for different sited E.G. twitter, facebook...

Good Virus Protection

You will need one of these because people might send viruses to you (your computer) and you might get a virus.

Secure Shopping

Make sure you have good privacy settings on your shopping website just incase someone logs in on your account and buy stuff and you will get the blame and you will have to pay for it.

Social Networking

Sociasl networking is like facebook and twitter (sites you can chat on).Make sure your privacy settings are good and your password is strong and always make sure you log out of your account just incase one of your mates or someone goes on your facebook and spreads or changes things on your accoun. Also have good privacy setting because people might try and hack your social networking site.