Our Classroom Updates

Greeting Parents,

Happy Fall! We cannot believe that Fall will begin this Thursday, September 22nd! Although time is passing, my team and I are so proud of our students' progress across their daily routine activities. Our students are putting forth great effort working on their instructional goals, and making friendships through positive interactions in the classroom and across school settings. GOOD JOB!!

For the week of September 19th, our color is green, our number is 5, and our letter is Ee. We look forward to reinforcing these concepts throughout the school day!

Teacher Reflections.

As I continue on my exciting journey at LBES, I would like to suggest to all parents to consider using the free app, VOXER. When you send me an auditory message, the ringer is really loud so I always here it, and then I can respond ASAP. I do not always hear my text messages so if you text me and do not get a response, please email me, and I will get back with once I have an opportunity to check my email.
Please continue to read our principal's newsletters, which are full of school news beyond my classroom...very informative.
Once again, thank you for all you do as move onto Fall and the month of October. I would like to close by adding how lucky I am to have three dedicated and talented instructional aides from whom I have learned so much.
Ms Mary, Ms. Becky, Ms Tamara, and Ms Angie