Beyond The Gate

By: Katherine Scrofano


Nina Dobrev as Charlotte

Jeremy Shada as Clemont

Alexis Bledel as Jessica

Will they gain their freedom?

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"Epically suspenseful, Perfect character buildup!"- Ny Times

"Perfect Plot line, I can relate to the characters!" - Best selling author

"Absolutely astonishing! I have fallen in love!" - Golden Globe Winners

Summary Introduction

Paris France, the city of love. the Ocean blue sky sillouetes the magnificent Landmark that is the Eiffel tower, the heart of Paris. The warm tempeture paves the way for tourists of all kinds, stopping to photograph the landmark. Fresh flowers surround the area as you come closer, the aroma of bread hits you as you listen to the towns people yell in French at tourists carting small merchandize. This was the way Paris used to be, before ISIS took power, before we are to be sent to camps to work in order to win the revolution for ISIS, before everything changed.