Anesthesiology - Jonathan Kelly

Doctors who give patients drugs for various reasons.


Give patients drugs to relieve pain or put them to sleep during medical procedures.

Working Conditions.

  1. Are responsible for the health and safety of patients.

Are regularly exposed to diseases, infections, and contaminants in the hospital.

2. Must be very certain that all details and tasks of the job are completed accurately. Errors can have painful or even fatal consequences for patients.

3. May be on-call any hour of the day or night.

Yearly Wages: $246,320 per year


Some good High School Classes you could to take to get into this.

Food and Nutrition

Foreign Language

Introduction to Health Care


Safety and First Aid

Things you need to be able to do.

  1. Communicate, Reason and Problem Solve, Use Math and Science, Manage Oneself, People, Time, and Things, Work with People, Work with Things, Perceive and Visualize

Recomended Core Classes

  1. Anesthesiologist Assisting and Introduction to Nursing.

So you want to be an Anesthesiologist