By Audrey Kaup

The 3 Functions

These 3 functions are similar to the Immune system but still serve a purpose

- protects body from infection

- cushion that reduces damage

- makes hair grow


The skin is one big organ that consists 3 parts: Epidermis which is the waterproof barrier, Dennis contains the tough connective tissue, sweat glands, and hair, and Hypodermis that is made of fat and connective tissue that holds the organ together.

Into The Storm

If this system is gone, all our organs and insides will be exposed to this world which will invite many harmful bacteria that the body can't protect itself from and on top of no waterproof barrier which could drown you in any way.

The Help

The 2 systems the Integumentary system interacts with is the nervous system that has the nerves and battle ready along with the immune system that fight off bacteria.
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