Ethan D. Nguyen

My Visions and Hopes in Life - All About Me -

My Family and My Goal

My family consists of My mother and father, and my younger brother. We live happily in Colleyville Texas. We go out to the Catholic church on Sundays, and possibly some family activities for fun. My main goal in life is to be happy and be successful in life.

Inspiring quotes that define me:

-Just Move along with life

-Peace is happiness, and happiness is peace

What I Wish or Want

In the Future...

Wishful People and Pet

For my companion to share my life and to ease my pain, I would like a small dog as a pet. I would not get married or start a family, and I would live with my friends in California in a apartment until I have enough for a house of my own. As for a car, I would like a black BMW to travel to the places i need or want to go.

When I retire

When I retire, I would live in a retirement place and just watch TV, eat and sleep. Hopefully I get to see my other family members if they visit me. But before I do, I would like to go travel to cities in Asia and Europe, like Venice or Tokyo.