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Constitution Day is September 16th. The resources in this section are all available on Discovery Education. If you need a login for DE, please let Mr. Burch know.

Various Web Resources

How Does Government Affect Me? (PBS; Grades 3-8)

A virtual tour of a town's buildings, roads, and parks teaches kids how federal, state, and local government decisions directly impact their community. This activity also provides a basic understanding of the branches of the federal government and balance of power. Examine the different ways local government impacts our daily lives through local entities like police, parks, transportation, business, industry, libraries and housing.

Preamble Scramble (National Constitution Center; Grades K-12)

Have fun getting to know the phrases of the Preamble while you unscramble the puzzle.

Which Founder Are You? (National Constitution Center; Grades K-12)

The U.S. Constitution was written in 1787 by a group of 55 men with one purpose and many different personalities. Discover which Founding Father you're most like!

Books in the TES Library

Constitution Day
[ Book ] 320 GRI Griffin, Maeve.
Published 2009

The Congress : a look at the legislative branch
[ Book ] 328.73 NEL Nelson, Robin, 1971-
Published 2012

The U.S. Constitution
[ Book ] 342.73 BUR Burgan, Michael.
Published 2012

What are the Articles of Confederation? : and other questions about the birth of the United States
[ Book ] 342.73 WAX Waxman, Laura Hamilton.
Published 2012

Documents of freedom : a look at the Declaration of Independence, the Bill of Rights, and the U.S. Constitution
[ Book ] 973.3 SWA Swain, Gwenyth, 1961-
Published 2012

John Adams
[ Book ] BIO ADA Gould, Jane H.
Published 2013

Benjamin Franklin
[ Book ] BIO FRA Gould, Jane H.
Published 2013

Alexander Hamilton
[ Book ] BIO HAM Gould, Jane H.
Published 2013

Thomas Jefferson
[ Book ] BIO JEF Pelleschi, Andrea, 1962-
Published 2013

Who was Thomas Jefferson?
[ Book ] BIO JEF Fradin, Dennis B.
Published 2003

James Madison
[ Book ] BIO MAD Dooling, Sandra.
Published 2013

George : George Washington, our founding father
[ Book ] BIO WAS Keating, Francis Anthony, 1944-
Published 2012

George Washington
[ Book ] BIO WAS Pelleschi, Andrea, 1962-
Published 2013

John, Paul, George & Ben
[ Book ] E SMI Smith, Lane.
Published 2006

The counterfeit constitution mystery
[ Book ] FIC MAR Marsh, Carole.
Published 2013

The Constitution and Constitution Day A Beginner s Guide
We the People: Honoring Constitution Day