Coral Reef Excursion

Coral reefs cover about 280,000 km of the ocean and suppoe thousands of creatures. 10% of the reefs have been damaged. In the Philpines 70% of the feefs have been destroyed and only 5% is in good condtion. Why? Human population.


Destructive fishing- cyanide fishing, blaste or dinamite fishing, bottom trawing

Overfishing- effects ecological balance

Carless tourism- carless boating, diving-->> people touching reefs, stirring up sediment, collecting, dropping anchores, bulinding on top, sewage

Pollution- urban and industrial waste, agrochemicals, oil pollution,

Sedementiation- erosion by construction

Coral mining- live coral is removed from reefs for bricks

Climate change- cant survive in high temps. Global warming leds coral bleeding increase. Takes out struggling reefs


Protects fish

control how much carbon dioxide is in water

procects coast from strong currents, orotcts barriers between ocean and shore

They want to help

People lobby the US congress as well and govts from other nations trying to convince not to buy fish that were caugh by coral destruction.

visiters not to harm them

Coral Reef Alliance, Reef Relief, and Planatery Coral Reef Foundation

Others study them by looking at the dead ones

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