Water Saftey

10 Tips to keep you safe in the water.

1. Stay hydraded

Just drink some water! Even competive swimmers can get dehydrated and drown. Dehydration can cause headackes, strokes, cramps, and can cause you to pass out.

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2. Dont Swim Alone

Swimming can be very dangrous alone. Even the best of swimmer can get cramps and drown. Swimming with a parnter can reduce chances of drowning.

3. Swimming is the 3rd largest cause of accental death in the Usa of people ages 1-5

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4. Be Careful Diving

6500 children and teens have to visit hospital emergency rooms each year because of swimming pool diving injuries.

5. Ripitides

Ripitides can bring you out to sea so the best way thing to do in that case is to swim parel to the shore untill it stops pushing you out.

9. don't swim without a lifgaurd

Your chances of surviving drowing increases termendously with a lifeguard.