Entreprenuer Of Amys Ice Cream

by: Zoe Dee

10 steps of starting a buisness.

  • 1. Thinking About Starting a Business?

  • 2. Create Your Business Plan

  • 3. Choose Your Business Structure

  • 4. Choose & Register Your Business

  • 5. Learn About Business Law & Regulations

  • 6. Finance Your Business

  • 7. Explore Loans, Grants & Funding

  • 8. Filing & Paying Taxes

  • 9.Choose Your Location & Equipment

  • 10.Hire & Retain Employees
  • Summary

    Amy Simmons wanted to go into to medicine before making ice cream. To help her pay in school she started to work at Steves Icecream. Then decided to start her own business. Along the way of improving her company she has made many accomplishments.

    How did she start her buisness and motivation?

    After getting inspired/motivated by the place she was working at to pay for college. also, after she realized she loved ice cream.

    What does the buisness do to help others?

    "You may have noticed that while many people know and love Amy's Ice Creams, you rarely see any advertisements in local media. We use those dollars for giving directly to community events with local non-profits, children’s health organizations, and educational groups."

    Why did I pick this buisness?

    Because the service has always been wonderful, I've been going my whole life, and they have the best ice cream I've ever had in my opinion.