Countdown to Spring Break!

Monday Memo, March 21, 2016

Did you know....

Happy First Week of Spring!

The Vernal Equinox (Equinox meaning "equal night") is know as the first day of spring. This day is where the sun shines equally on the northern and southern hemispheres, 12 hours of daylight and 12 hours of night. The date of the first day of spring will fluctuate because of the earth's travel around the sun. This year is extra special because it will be the earliest mark of spring in our lifetimes!

This one is a long one folks! Put your feet up with something to drink!

Dates to Note:

Monday, March 21:

  • LE Parents meeting about class field trip
  • Golf Practice 4 pm @ Cobblestone Golf Course
  • Track Practice 3:45-5:30 pm @ Middle School

Wednesday, March 23:

  • School Closed to all Students
  • Parent/Teacher Conferences 11 am - 7 pm Campus Wide
  • No Golf Practice until April 4

Thursday, March 24:

  • School Closed to all Students
  • Parent/Teacher Conferences 8 am-4pm
  • No Track Practice until April 4

Friday, March 25:

  • School Closed to all Students - Good Friday

March 28 - April 1:

  • Spring Break - School Closed!

Monday, April 4:

  • Gold Practice 4 pm @ Cobblestone
  • Track Practice 3:45 -5:30 @ Middle School

Tuesday, April 5:

  • Positive Discipline Classes Start

Megan's Minutes

Dear Faculty,

Have a wonderful time reconnecting with parents in discussion and celebration of your beautiful students!

And please, have a most relaxing, rejuvenating, and restful holiday weekend and spring break. You have all EARNED IT!

Bulletin Board Fun!

Yes another month is coming to an end (already!) and we need your answers for March's Bulletin Board Quiz! The winner will get a $5 Gift card from Barnes and Noble! The drawing will take place this Thursday, so hurry! You can't win if you don't play!

A Second with Sarah....

Conference Reminders:

Conferences are scheduled every 30 minutes; Conference for 25 minutes and leave a 5 minute transition time for parents to get to their next conference. If you realize while conferencing that a longer length of time is needed, please schedule for another day.

If a parent arrives late, please only conference in the allotted time frame given. For example, if a parent arrives at 9:10, promptly end the conference at 9:25. Once conferences are behind, this has a direct effect on your other parent's conferences and also on the other classrooms where siblings are involved.

Conference childcare is scheduled for faculty and non-faculty children. If you have a conference scheduled at the last time slot of the day, please do not extend past the half an hour unless other child care arrangements have been made.

PT Conference Progress Reports:

When making copies of your conference reports for parents, please also make hard copies of progress reports for Nan to place in student files. Please alphabetize by LAST name. (With the amount of conference reports to file, this makes it much easier.) The due date to receive all reports is on or before Wed. 4/6.

Small Fry Banter....

Teacher giving fraction lesson to a student in 1/2's:

"If we were sharing a whole pizza, you would get half and I would get half."

Student, "Yes!.....Well.....wait....Is it Cheese Pizza?" (Vic House)


STUDENT 1: "Hey Macy, do you know if there are any plans for a graduation ceremony this year?"

MACY: "I am sure there will be, I plan to discuss this with Bridget next month."

STUDENT: "I rememebr when we wrote notes to them and we put them in baskets as they walked by."

STUDENT 2: "I remember the balloons and then the year we wrote notes that were put on a tree."

MACY: "Yeah, those were all really neat."

STUDENT 1: "This year, they should all get a bunny with kind notes written to them and then tied around the bunny's neck."

AHHHH, if only we all could have a bunny with a personal note of encouragement! :)

The Importance of Disaster Prevention....

With All the field trips coming up, make sure you are prepared for ANY emergency. Be ready before it happens!



  • Ensure the safety of student passengers from injuries and the bus from further damage.
  • Survey the scene to ensure that the location is safe. If conditions are safer outside the bus than inside, evacuate the bus.
  • Check for conditions that could cause fire
  • Turn off the ignition, remove key, an activate the hazard lights.
  • do not leave students unattended or unsupervised.
  • Administer first aid and call 911.
  • Notify law enforcement and emergency responders that the vehicle is a school bus with student involved and provide all details: type of accident, location, number of injured and types of injuries, name of school. Follow directions of law enforcement and other emergency personnel.
  • Isolate affected students(s), if possible.
  • Call administration to report incident, if possible.
  • If a student or students require transportation via ambulance, a faculty member should accompany the student(s) unless there isn't another faculty member present.
  • If no faculty member is available to accompany the student(s) to a hospital, contact administration to arrange for a faculty member to meet the ambulance and student(s) at the hospital.
  • Do not discuss details of the incident except to assist administration and/or law enforcement and emergency services. Refer all inquiries to Head of School.
  • Do not release students to anyone unless directed to do so by law enforcement or administration.
  • Follow directions of administration

How about a Staycation!

Not leaving town this Spring Break? How about a staycation? Believe it or not there are lots of things to do in our own area that can be just as much fun as getting away (and you get to sleep in your own bed!).

Here are some ideas if the weather is not coroporating.....

  • Indy Children's Museum
  • Fort Wayne or Indy Art Museum
  • Botanical Gardens and Conservatory
  • Sky Zone
  • Wapehani Mountain Bike Park, Bloomington, IN
  • Skatin' Station

If you are an outdoors creature....

  • Chain O' Lakes State park Hiking Trails
  • Wapehani Mountain Bike Park, Bloomington, IN
  • Anderson Falls park (44 acre park with lots of waterfalls), Columbus, IN
  • First round of golf for the year @ Cobblestone Golf course

Whatever you decide to do, make sure you take some time for yourself and enjoy the week!

A Moment with Macy.....

April Newsletter

April is sure to fly by just as fast as March! Please be sure to get your newsletter articles to Macy by Monday, April 18. Short narative of something happening in your classroom or level and then several good quality pictures is all we need! Contact Macy with questions or if you need ideas or inspiration, take a look at the Newletter archive on our website:


There are some administrative items that we would like for you to have on a table in your classroom during this week's conferences. Wherever you have your waiting area for parents, please be sure to have the following items on display. Macy will be sure to have these things in your mailboxes, or even delievered to your classroom, by Wednesday morning!


Macy will provide each class with a informational flyer for the Positive Discipline class that Brenda is offering starting Tuesday, April 5. Please share with parents that this is open to all families and their friends - so non-Oak Farmians can come! The cost is $25 per person, or $40 per couple. Conferences are a great time to encourage parents to look into these classes.... I am sure Charlie & Emory's teachers will be letting me know about them!

ALL LEVELS: PICTURES FOR SALEFor those families who were not in attendance at this year's Gala, we have the pictures of thier child available for them to take. Please display the following items: 1. individual pictures of students from your classroom2. donation sheets - if they choose to give a donation they can fill this out3. envelopes for their donation & cash or check. All that is needed from the classroom teachers is to collect the envelopes and get them to Nan at the end of each day.

The date has been set for the Second Annual Tall Oak Overnight! Friday, May 20 a few parent volunteers and one faculty member will host 30 students for a sleep-over at the school! Registration forms will be passed out at conferences - parents will need to fill out the form and hand them in (with payment) to Nan ASAP. This event filled fast last year - we anticipate for all 30 spots to be sold byApril 15! This is a first-come-first serve event!


The following families are providing lunch for the teachers this week. Please be sure to pass on a THANK YOU to them when you see them on campus! Macy is working to get all the OPEN slots filled in time, she will let you know when/if they get filled.

(format for info: classroom: wednesday family, thursday family, snack family)

NIDO: Brittani Russell, Arielle Black, Allena KnepperLE1: Kelly Elias, Cara Kaiser, OPENLE2: Lydia Wholheter, OPEN, Diana McCreeryLE3: Macy McNaughton, OPEN, OPENMS: Anna Outten, OPEN, Nikole ALbrightP1: Jenny Seiss, OPEN, Heather KuhnP2: Macy McNaughton, Julie Brubaker, Brittany ReynoldsP3: Lydia Wolheter, Julie Brubaker, Diana McCreeryP4: Roxanne Ellet, Arielle Black, Ellie ChamberlinT1: Brittani Russell, Cara Kaiser, Allena KnepperT2: Amy Egly, OPEN, Allena KnepperUE1: Kelly Elias, Nikole Albright, OPENUE2: Amy Dankert, OPEN, OPEN

Earth Fest
Details will be coming out right after Spring Break! It will be a lot like last year, but a little different... for now - save the date: Friday, April 22- it will be a fun event for sure!

Lifting it up with Lori Z.!

Thank you, Coaches, for your time, talent and commitment to these young athletes! You not only help them grow in their physical athletic development; but, you help them build team fundamentals and sportsmanship. You put long earned hours in before practice even begins.

Sitting Spot of the Week....

Efficient (Adjective):

Being effective without wasting time or effort or expense, able to accomplish a purpose.

Please watch this short video below....

Up and Coming Birthdays:

Last of March:

3/23: Tia Matney

3/26: Mary Todd


4/1: Tricia Weiss

4/27: Brenda Huth

4/30 Andrea Deihl

Have a great Spring Break!