GT Newsletter

May 2016

Nuturing Creativity

As summer approaches we often think about how to keep children engaged. I found the tips in the article about nurturing creativity very helpful: . Like many other articles, it reminds us that as parents, we are our children’s greatest advocates.

Parent Support Group

I would like to start this up again next year after experimenting with a possible format for the discussion and getting feedback from the participants. Since April and May had so many events, I decided to wait till next year to set a schedule.


First Grade - Grand Reopening of Zooland - May 3, 8:00-8:45 a.m., GT classroom

Fourth Grade - DIG - May 5, 9:00-10:00 a.m. (outside)

Fifth Grade – Walk to WRMS – Visit GT Classroom and Mrs. Reese – Thursday, May 12th, 10-10:45 a.m.


The children have been enthralled by the exploration of ancient 3-in-a-row games. I have encouraged them to think aloud as they ponder their next moves, planning ahead and analyzing choices. After exploring a couple more games, they will design their own 3-in-a-row game.

In addition, they have continued to work on critical and creative thinking skills through a variety of activities.

First Grade

The zoo opens this week and the zookeepers are so excited to share their exhibits with families and classmates. Thank you so much for coming in to help construct the exhibits in class. The zoo will open at 8:00 on Tuesday, May 3rd, for families. Groups of first grade classmates rotate through starting at 8:15. The exhibits will be ready to take home at 8:45, if your child would like to keep the exhibit.

The children will finish out the year with some creative and critical thinking activities that revolve around the zoo animal “theme”.

Second Grade

Thanks to all of the family members and friends of families who were able to attend Game Day. Time with you makes an event extra special. They worked diligently for several weeks to complete the games. One of my favorite days was listening to them talk about how hard it was to go through all of the steps. I was so proud of their perseverance and effort. You can see a slide show of photos from the event at

The children will finish the year with an exploration of perspectives. They will focus on understanding and appreciating the different views of others though debate experiences, art, and team problem solving experiences. I tried to include activities that recognized the diverse talents/interests of the group.

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Third Grade

The inventors have been very busy! They enjoyed creating “magnificent things” for the friends they will meet at the Invention Celebration. The children used Google Classroom and Google Docs to communicate with the friends. They also had fun creating Rube Goldberg cartoons and recording the steps using their iPads.

Recently the inventors used creative problem solving to create mini-games using a limited set of materials.

As soon as their final inventions arrive, the children will make their signs and commercials in class. The inventors will be ready to share with you and their friends at Cedar Creek on May 20th, 11-11:30, in the Cedar Creek Commons Area. We hope you can attend. My favorite part of the event is when they get to share with the friends they made “online” and then have lunch together. The children will also present their new friends with their “magnificent thing” inventions that they made in class.

Fourth Grade

In spite of all of the rain, the children were able to bury their artifacts!! They have also divided up the jobs for the actual DIG. They’ll rotate between jobs so that they may experience more than one skill of an archaeologist. The DIG is still set for May 5th, 9:00-10:00. Afterwards, the archaeologists will be tasked with reconstructing the other team’s culture based on evidence.

Brad Jones, an archaeologist, will visit the class and share his experiences on May 3rd. He worked on the “La Belle” ship archaeological project that can be seen at the Bob Bullock Museum. Dr. Jones is a very engaging speaker.

Fifth Grade

Thank you so much for attending the Pursuit of Passion Showcase. The children were knowledgeable and clear in sharing their studies. They worked hard to showcase their ideas. This was a practice “run” for the semester independent study project that they complete in middle school. This helped them understand the process. You can see the slide show at I hope you also had a chance to see the posters that represented their journey over the years in GT.

The children will also walk to WRMS on Thursday, May 12th during our class time to visit Mrs. Reese and see her room. This should help with the transition to middle school.

Your child will also receive a letter from me reflecting on the memories of their time in GT. I hope he/she shares the letter with you. I’ll let you know when I send the letters home. It has been an honor to work with such a kind, enthusiastic and hard-working group of students.