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3rd 9 weeks Report

Accelerated Reader Celebration: Pizza Party

We have now met the cut-off date for our third AR Incentive Celebration. Students who have read books withing their Lexile range, taken test over those books and reached their 3rd 9 wks point goals while maintaining a 80% overall quiz average. We are so very proud of the number of students that we will have attending this time! Congratulations to the following students!:

Zaneria Anderson 2 Hunter

Amiyah Bell 2 Hunter

Makenzie Evans 2 Hunter

Kirsten Middlebrooks 2 Hunter

Leiland Northcutt 2 Hunter

Tariah Person 2 Hunter

Ashten Reid 2 Hunter

Jolivia Rutherford 2 Hunter

Adaja Small 2 Hunter

Emily Vela 2 Hunter

Abigail Condado 2 Crawford

Natalie Ferguson 2 Crawford

Zaydon Haywood 2 Crawford

Devon Hicks 2 Crawford

Raegina Jackson 2 Crawford

Kemon Jenkins 2 Crawford

Zle Petty 2 Crawford

Galilea Rivera 2 Crawford

Craig Wright 2 Crawford

Brandon Glover 2 Hunter

Crisitian Worthy 2 Hunter

Kooper Morris 3 Chiappetta

Jadyn Wright 3 Smith

Tamyra Upshaw 3 Smith

Malika King 4 Davidson

Asharie Davis 4 Harris

Trezure Fitspatrick 4 Harris

Ryana Glover 4 Harris

Jmyia Mclinton 4 Harris

Kiyisis Miller 4 Harris

Meylin Ruiz 4 Harris

DonJuan McGee 5 Ashley

Evelyn Pizana 5 Johnson

Noreya Hatten 5 Johnson

Amarian Henry 5 Johnson

Jariayah Hodges 5 Johnson

Daveion Hopkins 5 Johnson

Jaylen Hudgens 5 Johnson

Amarion Hopkins 5 Johnson

Travion Anderson 5 Johnson

Andrea Cervantes 5 Johnson

Zanyla Gourdine 5 Johnson

Guillermo Lopez 5 Wilcox

Jael Pugh 5 Wilcox

Hydwandus Poole 5 Wilcox

These students will be invited to a pizza party on March 24.

Also, Congratulations to Ms. Hunter and Mrs. Johnson for having the most students to reach their 3rd 9 weeks goal. Please come to the Media Center to claim your prize.

Please let students know that even if they did not reach their goal, it is still not too late to receive one of our prizes!! Many classes have already taken STAR Reading assessments. Please remind students that if their Lexile score increases by at least 50 points on their STAR report they will receive a Free Pizza Coupon! So tell students to make sure that they are reading carefully and doing their best!

AR Mystery Field Trip!!!!!!

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It's That Time for our Mystery Field Trip

Please remind students that the time is drawing near for us to begin identifying students who will be eligible for the AR Mystery Field Trip. We will be taking the first 50 students who reach their yearly AR goal (the total number of points for all four 9 weeks). Right now we have 49 seats remaining so tell students to READ! READ! READ! so that they can get on the bus!


The link for students to access GOFAR is Please remember to remind students to use this resource as much as possible to help them retain what they have already learned and also help to prepare them for the upcoming Georgia Milestone!

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