Mrs. Krehbiel & Mrs. Jackson

4th Grade Newsletter

Save the Date

Tuesday 12/1: MAP Reading

Wednesday 12/2: MAP Math

Thursday 12/3: Spelling Choice Boards are due; Spelling Test

Friday 12/4: Scholastic Book Orders are due

Tuesday 12/8: QRA (Quarterly Reading Assessment)

Friday 12/11: Social Studies Test; Holiday Book Exchange books are due

Wednesday 12/16: SMA (Semester Math Assessment); Margaret Peterson Haddix visit

Friday 12/18: Spirit Day; Holiday Party (2:30-3:15)

MAP Testing

Students will be taking the MAP test this Tuesday and Wednesday. This is the second time students will be assessed. The third assessment will take place in the spring. Please make sure your child gets plenty of rest the night before, and eats a healthy breakfast the day of the test. Results will be mailed to you.

Holiday Book Exchange

In keeping with the giving season, students are encouraged to participate in the Holiday Book Exchange. Last week, your child drew a classmate's name that included a "wishlist" of books. Once you purchase the book, please wrap it and fill out the gift tag using the format below:

For example - To: Dr. Stewart From: ???

You may purchase your book at any retail location, or you can make your purchase on The class code is: NB427. All Scholastic orders are due by Friday 12/4. If you'd like to purchase books for your own child, we would be happy to arrange a secret pick up. Happy Book Shopping!

All WRAPPED books are due to your child's teacher by Friday 12/11.


Book Clubs

This week students will begin Margaret Peterson Haddix book clubs. Students will choose a chapter book and be responsible for reading it both at school and at home. The ultimate goal at the end of the unit will be for students to write a 5 paragraph essay on one of the characters from their chapter book. All materials for Book Club will be stored in your child's blue Book Club Folder. Please encourage your child to bring this folder to and from school each day, and talk about the main character from their book. You can ask questions to deepen their understanding such as:

What character traits does your character have?

How is the character changing throughout the story?

Can you use evidence from the text to describe your character's thoughts and actions?


Spelling Choice Boards are due this Thursday 12/3. Your child will also take their spelling test on this day. New words and choice boards come home on Tuesday 12/8. They will be due on Thursday 12/17. Students will take their final spelling assessment of the quarter on Thursday 12/17.

Social Studies

Students will spend the next couple of weeks learning about the events that lead to the French and Indian War. Students will be taking a Social Studies Assessment on Friday 12/11. Topics include: Prehistoric People, Historic Native Americans from Ohio, early Ohio history, and the French and Indian War. Please look for a study guide to come home on Friday 12/4.


Students will take home their Chapter 4 Assessment today. Please sign, review concepts, and return the test with your child by the end of this week. Students will spend the next couple of weeks learning about factors, multiples, prime and composite numbers and patterns in Chapter 5. Please encourage your child to review their multiplication and division facts at home to prepare for this chapter.

We are also very fortunate that the district has purchased a program called Reflex. This program focuses on strengthening fact fluency. Students will be working with the program at school, but we encourage you to use this program at home with your child as well.


Students will be spending the next few weeks continuing their learning about magnetism and electricity. Students have completed investigations regarding magnetism and circuits using a battery, light bulb, wires, and motors.