Mid-Winter, Mid-Year

ASSE New England Area Newsletter

January 2016

Keeping In Touch

Personal connection is part of what makes our work with exchange students so fulfilling. It's also the key to maintaining our team! You, my Area Reps, are my top priority. I am here for your questions or to support you whenever you need. For simple questions, text or e-mail is a quick way to get me. I will make every effort to answer when you call. If you do get voicemail, please know that I will call you back that same day, and as soon as I can. Feel free to get in touch - I would love to hear from you anytime!

New students!

We have new applications coming in every week for 2016-17, and it's a great time to make your first placement for next year! Take a minute to check out the availability list in the database and get to know the students. The two featured below are still available (but perhaps not for long!). Feel free to share these colorful promos via e-mail, social media, or elsewhere.
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21 Creative Sources for Finding Host Families

1. Referrals from friends, family & current host families

2. Professional people - doctors, layers, Indian chiefs

3. People who own their own businesses

4. People who love people

5. Chamber of Commerce members

6. Neighbors

7. Church members

8. Friends

9. School classmates

10. Teachers, coaches, drama coach, band director

11. Ads on bulletin boards

12. Hairdressers, barbers, nail technicians

13. People who work in your bank

14. Public Service Announcements

15. Advertisements in church or social bulletins

16. Volunteers in other places (i.e. 4-H, girl and boy scouts, senior centers)

17. Secretaries and receptionists

18. Leave information at dance studios, aquatic centers, gymnastic and fitness centers

19. Talk to travel groups like AAA

20. Talk to language classes and international clubs

21. Talk or have students talk to service organizations like Lions Club, Kiwanis, Toastmasters

Lindsay Powers

ASSE New England Area Coordinator