Dallas Winston

Jett Weyerman, Period 7

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Character Sketch

  • Physical Description: Dallas Winston, also known as Dally Has an "Elfish face, a pointed chin, and high cheekbones", as said by Ponyboy. His hair falls over his face in tangles, it's like that because of his lack of haircuts and grease. His eyes are cold and unforgiving, due to his years in New York and Prison.

  • What He Is Like: Dally is mean, tough, and brooding. He is the criminal of the gang, his hobbies include jumping kids, getting in rumbles, and going to parties, he tends to hang out around Johnny and Ponyboy.

  • His most prized possession is in my opinion his metal pipe segment, that he uses to defend himself, it may be his switchblade though, both are most likely special to him in some way.

  • Connection to the greasers: The gangs tough guy, they have know him forever, he is the one who gets them into rumbles and fights,