5th Grade Newsletter

October 26-30, 2020

How is Halloween just a week away? Time is sure flying in fifth grade. The PTA is hoping students will dress up during their lunch/movement break on Friday. We are looking forward to seeing their costumes.

In reading, we are heading back to our Harcourt book. This week we will be reading about Evelyn Cisneros. Students will review the vocabulary and read the story this week about a Prima Ballerina. Students will be taking their reading test on Friday.

In fifth grade math, students are continuing to work on double digit multiplication. We will also be looking at multiplication with decimals. Students are getting lots of practice with multiplication.

In accelerated math, they are going to be starting ratios.

In spelling, we will again have another week where we are looking at Greek and Latin roots. For this test we are really looking at if the students can identify the meaning of the words based on the root -port.

In writing, students will be completing their memoirs and/or doing a Halloween writing for fun. The memoirs have turned out great. Ask your child to read their memoir.

In science, we have been learning about a Biosphere. Students have been planning a menu of foods that they would grow if they were asked to live in a Biosphere for 2 years. Students are enjoying the break from social studies, and it is great to have them working in groups with their peers in break out rooms.