5BL Newsletter

October 21-25, 2019

I apologize for not getting a newsletter out last week. Having Monday off threw off the week, and I never got one out. Here is this week's newsletter to keep you all informed

In reading this week we will be reading about Evelyn Cisneros from our Harcourt book. Students will review the vocabulary and read the story this week about a Prima Ballerina. Students ahve been assigned their October book report through Google Classroom. This is a Google slide presentation that is due on Monday, November 4.

In fifth grade math, students are continuing to work on double digit multiplication. We will look at word problems this week where students will use the standard algorithm to solve the problems where we need to convert units. There will be a short quiz on Friday.

In accelerated math, they are continuing to work on percents as well as beginning to review for their test.

In spelling, we will again have another week where we are looking at Greek and Latin roots. For this test we are really looking at if the students can identify the meaning of the words based on the root -port.

In writing, students are completing their own versions of George Ella Lyon's "Where I'm From" poems. Students are really doing such a nice job on these, and I can't wait to display them in the hallway.

In science, we are will be learning about what plants eat and the matter cycle and food chain. Students are enjoying the switch to science from social studies for the next few weeks.

Last week, we had wonderful art awareness volunteers come in to our classroom to teach us about Leonardo Di'Vinci and the Mona Lisa. If your child hasn't shared anything about this with you ask them about it!