Norfolk Jr .High

by david serrano

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Agent Hobbs enlists the aid of Dom and his team to help bring a rival gang, led by Owen Shaw, to justice. In exchange for clear records, they must put an end to their schemes, no matter how personal the cost.

Mine Craft

My favorite app is Mine Craft because you can build a lot of cool stuff. You can play online with your friends, and you can kill zombies. You can make a pool and a house, and build planes.

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feature story

The Journey Of a Lifetime

BY: Shelby Mulford and David Serrano

Once upon a time, many years ago, way out in the middle of space, a wondrous story begins. You know how people say that there is no known life in space besides us? Well, they are wrong. I've been there, and back, all four times. Each time has had it's own story, place, and crisis. I'm going to tell you of those stories.

Where to begin....

My first trip came long ago, before the first television became. I started my trip as a vacation in space, just to go see the stars, but not too soon I find out, it will become much, much more.

First stop, I call it The Magical Land of Butterflies and Rainbows. What hailed there you ask? I call him, Mr. Fluffy Bunny. He's a big mean dragon whose cunning,ugly, dishonest, and protective dragon who's spent his life tucked away in a cave. He also had another side. A side that was sweet and funny and kind. Although his exterior says otherwise, he's is nothing but a marshmallow inside. Like a big fluffy bunny.

Weird right?

He stands guard of Princess Pea's castle on the far east side of The Magical Land of Butterflies and Rainbows. He's been guarding her even sense she could walk.

I met Mr. Fluffy Bunny on my tour of the castle.

The princess is now 18, she wants to leave the castle and go far away. One day, the princess tried to escape. She failed and was brought back to her castle. She tried again one month later, that's where I come in.

Once I had met the princess, I knew I had to help her. So our journey began.

It was a bright Monday morning in earth time. The princess had her extra dress packed, and we were off. Mr. Fluffy, for short, was on our tail the entire way.

The dragon, oddly enough, was madly in love with the princess. That's why he didn't want her to leave. He eventually flew and caught up to us. We thought we would get singed right then and there.

"Please! Let me come with you!" He begged

"What do you want from me? I'll give you anything you want!" The princess replied.

"I want out of this castle. I want to be with you. To protect you. That is my job. That is why I was put on this planet."

So we continued on this journey.

Don't let the name Butterflies and rainbows deceive you, the butterflies are 10 feet tall and the rainbows have arms that capture you I'd you get to close.

To protect us, Mr. Fluffy Bunny went up against a rainbow even though he was allergic. He became sick and was almost about to die. Striving to keep him alive, the princess stayed by him the entire time. She got to know him for who he really was.

"If I had to choose between my last breath and loving you, I'd use my last breath to say I love you." Mr. Fluffy said one day.

The princess's were covered in tears. With his last breath, he said I love you. The princess replied the same.

Snow began to fall and the dragon turned into a man and him and the princess lived happy ever after.