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Community Edition - October 2, 2022

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Celebrating Seneca...SVProud!

The 2023 Best Public High Schools ranking is based on a rigorous analysis of key statistics and millions of reviews from students and parents using data from the U.S. Department of Education. Ranking factors include state test scores, college readiness, graduation rates, SAT/ACT scores, teacher quality, and high school ratings. Read more on how this ranking was calculated.

Maryland Public High Schools were ranked on a variety of categories. Below, you will see some great news about our students, our staff, and our community.

Celebrating Hispanic Heritage

The Spanish Honor Society hosted the 2nd year of Spirit Week during Hispanic Heritage Month. Students and staff participated each day to represent the diversity of Hispanic Cultures and to celebrate similarities while recognizing individual countries. We were excited to see so many fútbol jerseys, representations of country flags, traditional dress, historical figures and class color wars. #SVProud!

Click here to see images from Spirit Week!

Homecoming is Almost Here!

Homecoming tickets are currently on sale using the new SchoolCash Online payment system. Students will need the PIN number in order to register their account online to pay for tickets. You may contact the finance or business office to obtain your PIN number. Please contact for any additional questions or concerns.

SchoolCash Online

Montgomery County Public Schools has transitioned to a new online payment system called SchoolCash Online as its preferred method of payment for all school-related fees.

SchoolCash Online helps parents/guardians and community members pay school-related fees safely, quickly, and easily. SchoolCash Online will help increase efficiency and security at schools by making payments directly into schools’ bank accounts and eliminating the need for teachers to handle money. In addition, once registered, you will be immediately informed about school activities!

Powered by KEV Group, SchoolCash Online is the industry leader in the management of school fees. The new system puts all of the school-related fees online for purchase so users can make purchases online using a credit card or e-check. A processing fee will be included on all items available for purchase, regardless of the type of payment used on SchoolCash Online or at the school.

Parents/guardians can register now at -

· How to Register for SchoolCash Online | Cómo registrarse en SchoolCash Online

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Our Little Library is Growing

Last week, we proudly announced that we've received the donation of our first Little Library! The idea of increasing the number of little libraries around the community is something that came out of the work that Brothers With Books does. But the funding support for this specific project came from Steve Roberts, who loved the idea and wanted to donate to them in honor of his father, whose name all will see displayed directly on the library. His donation helped take their vision of donating little libraries and made it a reality.

For Brothers With Books and now for Seneca Valley HS, promoting literacy won't only be about giving young people books. It will be a demonstration of access and ensuring the reduction of barriers that make it hard for them to get ahold of books that resonate with their lives and aspirations. Little libraries create a sense of community and belongingness around literacy. It invites everyone to take part in the transfer of knowledge. Brothers With Books believes that our school community will benefit greatly from it.

This week we send our thanks and appreciation to Brandon who is shown here as he became our first student to donate books to SVHS's first ever, Little Library! Thank you to Brandon, and his mom, Ms. Robinson Garrett, for your kind donation.

*If you have gently used books that you would like to donate, please contact: Ms. Wideman: or Ms. Hess:

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9th Grade and ESOL LMC Orientation Underway

From September 22nd - October 14th, LMC staff are thrilled to welcome 9th grade and ESOL students to the library media center (LMC) for in-person orientation. During this session, students learn about our physical and online spaces, and services and opportunities presented in the LMC. In addition, staff review basic Chromebook care and troubleshooting tips. Please ask your students about what they learned during their visit!

Explore the Virtual SVLMC

Did you know that the Library Media Center (LMC) has a virtual presence through which students may access research resources, information on citing sources, tools for reading online, opportunities to participate in reading programs, and more? Last week, students who are not already enrolled in the Virtual SVLMC should have received an invite in their myMCPS Classroom/Canvas accounts. If they did not, they simply need to click on this link to enroll. By clicking on the LMC Information tab, students can access LMC orientation slides. The last 10 slides provide a self-directed tour through our virtual space. If you have questions about this, or any other aspect of the library media program at SVHS, please contact our school librarian, Ms. Little.

Reading Promotions & Book Club Updates

  • In addition to our National Hispanic Heritage Month Reading Promotion, we are still running a very tactile Banned Book Promotion in celebration of the freedom to read. Next week, we are also unveiling our Halloween Spooktacular display, featuring spooky, scary books to commemorate the season -- fans of horror should definitely stop by!

  • Finally, we polled our readers and pushed our One Maryland One Book discussion back one week. It is now scheduled for lunch on October 11th, providing more time for more participants to join! We still have copies of the book What’s Mine and Yours by Naima Coster -- please stop by the LMC or email Ms. Little or Ms. Rossman for more information.

Community Unity - SV schools supporting each other

October 4 (Tues): head over to Panda Express (all day hours) and mention Dr. Sally K Ride ES!

October 14 (Fri): Gibbs ES needs a DJ from 6pm-8pm Contact Mr. Chai at 240-351-5462


ACT-SO MOCO is seeking students from Seneca Valley. It's time for students to start sending in their applications and parent consent forms. Our two College Conversations Workshops have limited seating. Students who have sent in completed applications will be first students confirmed for the workshops.

Please visit this website for more information. If you have any questions, please contact Mr. Grindley in the counseling office or reach out directly to:

Ms. Pat Price


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MCPS and the Montgomery County School Psychologists’ Association will host free virtual events the week of Oct. 10–15 to give youth and families the opportunity to hear from mental health experts on a variety of issues. Click here to learn more.

Recognizing Students with Disabilities

  • ADHD Awareness Month
  • Depression Education and Awareness Month
  • Down Syndrome Awareness Month
  • Dyslexia Awareness Month
  • Learning Disability Awareness Month
  • National Disability Employment Awareness Month
  • Rett Syndrome Awareness Month
  • Selective Mutism Awareness Month
  • Oct 5 World Day of Bullying Prevention (Josh: I think this is inherently related to disabilities)
  • Oct 6 World Cerebral Palsy Awareness Day
  • Oct 9 PANDAS/PANS Awareness Day
  • Oct 10 World Mental Health Day
  • Oct 13 World Sight Day
  • Oct 15 Blind Americans Equality Day
  • Oct 20-31 Disability Mentoring Days (Starts on the Third Wednesday of each October)
  • Oct 22 International Stuttering Awareness Day
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October is LGBTQ+ History Month, which is an annual celebration of lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, queer, and non-binary (LGBTQ+) history. LGBTQ+ History Month provides role models, builds community, and represents a civil rights statement about the contributions of LGBTQ+ people past and present. October commemorates LGBTQ+ History Month in order to coincide with National Coming Out Day on October 11th and to honor the first and second marches on Washington in 1979 and 1987 for LGBTQ+ rights. For more information and resources, please visit or

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Free Tutoring Available

FREE Tutoring Opportunity through our CARES Program

Our CARES Tutoring program will be starting on September 26th. Our program provides high dosage tutoring designed to:

  • accelerate learning at a student's grade level or above
  • support students who are performing below grade level
  • provide additional support beyond classroom instruction to support student success

Program Highlights

  • FREE Tutoring by SV Teachers and Support Staff
  • Flexible Scheduling - After School, Evening and Weekend hours
  • In Person and Virtual Times available
  • English, Math, Science, Social Studies, World Languages and More!
  • Organization and General Support

Click HERE to sign up!

Contact for additional information.

NEW Academic Support Website and Resources

At Seneca Valley High School we have many great opportunities and resources for students to get academic support.

Check out our NEW Academic Support Website, which can also be found on our Seneca Valley High School website under Quick Links: Academic Support.

Here you can find information on:

  • CARES Tutoring - our FREE after school tutoring program
  • Project GRAD - our credit recovery program
  • Opportunities for support during the school day
  • MCPS Opportunities
  • And more!

Contact for additional information

PSAT Update

The following information is about PSAT Day. We will have an adjusted bell schedule on Wednesday, October 12th for PSAT Day. All students in grade 10 and specific registered students in grade 11 will participate in the Preliminary Scholastic Aptitude Test/National Merit Scholarship Qualifying Test (PSAT/NMSQT) at Seneca Valley High School on Wednesday, October 12, 2022. By taking the PSAT/NMSQT, juniors enter competitions for scholarship programs conducted by the National Merit Scholarship Corporation, and other organizations that use PSAT/NMSQT scores.

All sophomores and testing juniors are required to report to school at the regular scheduled time and will test in specific classes. Emails with specific testing locations will be sent to student through their accounts. There will also be signs posted around the building with testing locations to assist students on test day.

Students who are not testing for the PSAT administration should follow the adjusted bell schedule. The school buses will arrive at the regular scheduled times, therefore, if students rely on bus transportation, please plan to come to school and report to the cafeteria and auditorium to participate in various activities during the time of testing. Lunch begins at 12:15 p.m. After lunch, students will follow the adjusted bell schedule with Social-Emotional Learning activities for the remainder of the instructional day. These activities will include two (45 minute) rotations:

  1. Academic Rotation
  2. Wellness Rotation

More details will follow in the upcoming newsletters. If you have any questions, please contact Dr. Mike Kim at or Ms. Kisheena Wanzer at Thank you.

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Seal of Biliteracy

Registration for this year's Maryland Seal of Biliteracy is open! All juniors and seniors are eligible to register through this link or by the QR code. If you speak another language at home or are taking the IB test in French or Spanish this year, we encourage you to take the Avant Assessment to earn the seal. The test is free for seniors. Juniors pay $20. Any questions? Please email Ms. Rebecca Hanford or stop by room 3120A to talk with her."
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Join the ACES program!

Eligible 10th graders who want to go to college after high school are invited to apply to

join the ACES program! ACES stands for Achieving Collegiate Excellence and Success.

Students admitted to ACES work with an ACES Coach during 11th and 12th grade to receive

the following services for FREE:

  • One-on-one college application support
  • Financial aid and scholarship assistance
  • Preparation for college entrance exams
  • Career Coaching
  • Field trips to visit colleges
  • Leadership development

Students eligible for ACES, identify with at least ONE of the following:

  • Will be first generation college students (first in their family to graduate from college in the U.S.)
  • Live in a single-parent household
  • Live in a low-income household
  • Receive or qualify for free or reduced lunch (FARMS)
  • Have an IEP or 504 plan
  • An English language learner (if a current ESOL student, must be in at least level 3)

The application deadline for ACES is January 13, 2023. Students can use the following link

to complete the application and be sure to submit the consent form: (scroll to the bottom of this page and click "Apply

to ACES").

For questions about ACES, contact Mrs. Tahrea Flemming Mensah, ACES Coach at

Seneca Valley High School:

Office: Room 2107A

Phone: 240-687-4122


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IB’ in the Classroom:

In IB Environmental Systems & Societies, Ms. Bewernitz's students were engaged in collecting raw data as they tested the physical and chemical properties of different soils to determine the impact on plant productivity.

In our CCMA (Certified-Career Medical Assistance) Program, IB Sciences, and ESOL Biology classes, students visited the Mobile eXploration Lab (MXLab), the country's largest, most advanced mobile STEM education vehicle. The MXLab engaged SVHS students in hands-on experience using technologies not available in schools to help pique students' interests in STEM learning and careers. In the lab, the CCMA students developed a safer football helmet that would reduce concussion-risk by experimenting to see the effect of force on different padding.

IB Registration is upon us!!

Next Friday, October 7th, IB teachers will bring their students to the auditorium to learn all the benefits of the IB tests, potential for college credit, and how to register and pay for their exams. At SVHS, it is an expectation that students test in the IB courses they are enrolled. Our 5 Things You Should Know About IB Testing is a great document that reviews the benefits of not only taking a course, but taking the corresponding IB Exam. Extensive research shows that students who take the exam for their IB courses are more engaged, better prepared for college, and are more likely to be accepted into the college of their choice.

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This Week's Notes from the SVHS College & Career Center

Attention Seniors - Applying to Colleges

We have not received many brag sheets! If you plan on applying to a four-year college or university, you should be working on your college applications NOW. October 15 and November 1 deadlines are quickly approaching! Please refer to the SVHS College Application Packet document and use it as a checklist. This document is a step-by-step guide to applying to colleges.

Please reach out to Mr. Nalda or your counselor if you have any questions.

Financial Aid - FAFSA Window Opens October 1!

The window for seniors to begin filling out and submitting the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) application opens on October 1. This is the application for financial aid from the Federal Government. Based on your family's financial situation, you may qualify for aid in the form of a Pell Grant. All eligible seniors should fill out and submit this form, regardless of family income.

Those students ineligible to apply for the FAFSA are encouraged to fill out the Maryland State Financial Aid Application (MSFAA) to receive financial aid to attend colleges or universities in the state of Maryland.

Click here for more information and instructions

Hispanic College Fair - Permission Slips Due October 6!

Any seniors interested in attending the Hispanic College Fair on October 13, must turn in their permission slip to Mr. Nalda by October 6!

Click here for more info | Click here for the permission slip

College Representative Visits in the College & Career Center (Room 2408)

Juniors & Seniors are encouraged to participate in visits to learn more about colleges and universities that may be of interest to them. Students interested in participating in visits are asked to register in Naviance (instructions).

Next week’s visits:

Maryland National Guard Recruiter - Mon October 3 @ Lunch*

*No registration in Naviance needed. Stop by the cafeteria anytime during lunch to learn more about the military or the MD National Guard.

Longwood University - Mon October 3 @ 12:05 PM

University of Pittsburgh-Pittsburgh Campus - Tue October 4 @ 10:30 AM

Cabrini University - Tue October 4 @ 8:45 AM

U.S. Army Recruiter - Tue October 4 @ Lunch*

*No registration in Naviance needed. Stop by the cafeteria anytime during lunch to learn more about the military or the U.S. Army.

Harrisburg University of Science and Technology - Tue October 4 @ 12:55 PM

Lafayette College - Thu October 6 @ 8:45 AM

U.S. Air Force Recruiter - Thu October 6 @ Lunch*

*No registration in Naviance needed. Stop by the cafeteria anytime during lunch to learn more about the military or the U.S. Air Force.

University of Pittsburgh-Johnstown - Thu October 6 @ 12:05 PM

University of Mary Washington - Thu October 6 @ 12:55 PM

Saint Vincent College - Fri October 7 @ 8:45 AM

Columbia University in the City of New York - Fri October 7 @ 10:30 AM

Click here to learn more about rep visits to campus and see the full list of schools scheduled to visit SVHS this Fall!

Upcoming Scholarships

October 08 - AES Engineering Scholarship - 1-$500 award; senior; you are not required to major in or take Engineering courses to be eligible; award given based on character, as determined by your 500-1000 word essay; see link for essay prompt.

Click here to see the SVHS Scholarships Page for more opportunities.

Upcoming Events

Virtual Latin@ Career Panel

Learn from Latina/o professionals in different career fields! Education. Law Enforcement. Government. Sports. Mental Health. Cybersecurity. Culinary Arts. Entrepreneurship. Healthcare and more. Open to MCPS 8th through 12th students. Students who attend have an opportunity to earn 2 SSL hours by completing a reflection exercise.

Once a student registers, the Zoom information along with panelists’ background will be sent. Students will get a chance to select three Zoom rooms to attend during the evening. Students will have to register using their MCPS email account. The session will be conducted in English.

In-Person Financial Aid Night - Oct 6

The event is open to Class of 2023 student families from Gaithersburg, Seneca Valley, and Watkins Mill High Schools. Come learn about the FAFSA application and what financial aid options are available to help make college more affordable. This is an in-person event and will take place in the Gaithersburg High School Auditorium (PAC).

  • Thursday, October 6th at 6pm - English Presentation

  • Thursday, October 6th at 7pm - Spanish Presentation (presentación en Español)

  • Click here for Flyer

Alfred Street Baptist Church HBCU Festival

Alfred Street Baptist Church (ASBC) presents its 20th Historically Black Colleges and Universities (HBCUs) Festival on October 7, 2022, and October 8, 2022. The Festival is dedicated to connecting high school students and their families to HBCUs and scholarship opportunities. More than 70 HBCUs will provide admissions decisions, conduct band and vocal auditions, and waive application fees. Additionally, seminars and presentations by exhibitors will help students and parents navigate the application process, seek financial aid opportunities, and learn about college life. In 2020, high school seniors were awarded more than $5,400,000 in scholarships!

Students may attend onsite at the University of the District of Columbia in Washington, D.C., or online. Please register for in-person and online attendance at Please send questions to HBCUFESTIVAL@ALFREDSTREET.ORG | Flyer

SAT Information & Updates

Click here for the latest information regarding the SAT.

Looking for a Job???

Panda Programmer - actively seeking high school students to teach computer programming to elementary and middle school students in Germantown and the surrounding areas; looking for students who are good with kids, have solid computer programming experience, and have reliable transportation; rates for student teachers start at $17 per hour; click link for more information.

Copper Canyon Grill (Gaithersburg) - looking for high energy, fun and hard working people to work in one of Gaithersburg's premier restaurants; looking to hire food runners, bussers, and hosts; must be at least 16 years old; click on link for more information.

SVHS Student and Family Resources Page

Click here for a list and links to resources and supports available for students and families in the Seneca Valley Community. SVHS Student and Family Resources Page

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