John F Kennedy

"New Frontier "

Election Of Kennedy

  • The United States presidential election of 1960 marked the end of Dwight D. Eisenhower's two terms as President.
  • In the popular vote, Kennedy'who was a democrat , margin of victory was among the closest ever in American history. The 1960 election also remains a source of debate among some historians as to whether vote theft in selected states aided Kennedy's victory.
  • His domestic policy was named the "New Frontier," with pronmises of equality, emplyment, and aid to the poor.
  • Virginian Senator Harry F. Byrd (Democrat) received 15 electoral votes from 14 Southern and one Oklahoma unpledged and faithless electors, respectively.

Events During Presidency

  • Peace Corps created (1961)

Plan devised by Kennedy where young men and women would travel abroad and help people of Third World nations in various tasks.

  • Flexible response

the buildup of conventional troops and weapons to allow a nation to fight a limited war without using nuclear weapons

  • Berlin Wall built (1961)

The Berlin Wall was a fortified wall made up of concrete and barbed wire made to prevent East Germans escaping to West Berlin. It was one of the most visible signs of the Cold War and the Iron Curtain.

  • Twenty third Amendment

Was ratified giving the residents of the District of Columbia the right to vote in presidential elections (1961)

  • Cuban Missile Crisis (1962)

Incident where Soviet missiles were placed in Cuba as a response for help. The event greatly increased tensions between the Soviets and the Americans.

  • Vietnam

Kennedy proposes low-intensity warfare with the Green Berets, as well as training the S. Vietnamese military.

Civil Rights

  • He appointed unprecedented numbers of African Americans to high-level positions in the administration and strengthened the Civil Rights Commission.
  • spoke out in favor of school desegregation, praised a number of cities for integrating their schools


  • John F. Kennedy was assassinated on Friday, November 22, 1963 at 12:30 pm in Dealey Plaza Dallas, Texas.
  • He was shot in the head and rushed to Parkland Hospital where many attempts were made to keep him alive, but they failed.
  • Johnson was inaugurated on the plane back to Washington the same day.
  • There have been many speculations about this commission and the work they have done considering they didn’t even interview the witnesses at Dealey Plaza that day.
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