Principal's News

Week 7

Phew... for a while longer

If you enjoy the heat, it was a great long weekend. If you are not a fan I suspect that you have come back tired and grumpy. Livinia says only a few days to go before the change so we can all have a good nights sleep.

With the heat continuing we will contemplate doing some "hot day, inside passive play" lunch times and recesses during next week. Can you please speak to your children about what they can and can't do in the classroom. Also remind them that they must stay in their own room and not play in the corridors or wet areas. Students in the portables need to be in the room and not playing outside. Make sure that your students are hydrated, everyone has access to water from the classroom so water bottles can be filled in the room.

Stay cool!

Your students might enjoy this.....


  • Have you had a look at the newsletter with your students yet. There are some great photo's in this weeks edition. If your IWB is working, get them up and have a look.
  • If you have a great photo that we could use in the newsletter, let us know! Our newsletter is meant to be informative for the parents but is also a celebration of the work we do in our school. News items are always welcome.
  • School photo's - depends on the day as to whether they will be outdoors or in Cooinda. Stay tuned someone will let you know. Gr 5/6 will be first, straight from the line as some children are participating in swimming trials.
  • Jumpers off for photo's
  • Could all staff have an individual photo taken please