Join us for this amazing holiday, on November 14!

Come celebrate with us!

Buy your Hass avocados at the grocery store, then go party at home! This holiday should be celebrated by everyone in our opinion! Guacamole, for one, is healthy, and tastes amazing! So go party with your friends, don't forget the guac n' roll, the hunger games, and the good guacamole bar.

Why you should make this holiday bigger!

Let's face it. Everyone loves a little Mexican spice in their life! Guacamole is very healthy, so it should be celebrated by many! Avocados have naturally good fats and no cholesterol. Also, many people love Mexican foods, so Mexican restaurants and grocery stores who would make lots of money! Everyone loves guac, so this holiday would provide a chance to give guacamole. This holiday would be an amazingly fun day, and provide chefs, young and old to get creative and shine.

Some of our favorite recipes

Guaranteed to be yummy

Why YOU should celebrate!

Some people don't get a chance to see their family much, so this is the perfect excuse! Don't be a lone avocado, join in the bowl! This healthy holiday is one that is sure to be a favorite, in fact, maybe we should celebrate this more often............

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