Just a snake looking for love

By: Max Williams

About Me

I'm a reptile. More specifically, a large python, looking for a nice mammal to get along with. They may say that I'm cold-blooded. That's true, but I'm not mean. Smooth, scaly skin is nothing to fear, either, people! I may not have legs, but I get around just fine. Besides, with me, there is just so much to love!

About You

You - you're a star. No, not literally, OBVIOUSLY. Furry and warm-blooded, winters are no concern to you. Forget waiting for eggs to hatch - live birth is the way to go. Four legs for walking - easy transportation in the bag! And, with milk from the mothers, there's always food for everyone! That's the whole package, and a perfect symbiotic relationship, for the two of us, anyway.
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