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Special Events

Crystal Singing Bowls and Reiki

Monday, May 11th, 7pm

755 Waverly Avenue Suite 312 Holtsville, NY 11742

Sound vibration and Reiki can be powerful tools in the healing process. They can be used as an adjunct to traditional and alternative health care procedures and treatments.

Our body is like a musical instrument. When they are not tuned properly, a state of disease or imbalance occurs. During the course of our life, many emotional, mental, spiritual, and environmental factors interfere with our body's health. The sound and vibrations emanating from the crystal singing bowls re-tune the listener's body by opening, clearing, and re-balancing each of the 7 major chakras, bringing harmony to the mind an body. When sound vibration and Reiki are combined, the results are beautiful, transformational, and profound.

Please arrive at 6:50 class is start at 7pm sharp.
This workshop is open to everyone.

Yoga mats are provided. Bring pillows or blankets if needed. Chairs are available.

Please RSVP due to limited space. (631)654-1085

Facilitators: Susan Ferro and Susan LaSorsa

Future Dates: Monday's May 18th, June 8th and June 22nd

Women's Empowerment Workshop

Thursday, May 7th, 7pm

755 Waverly Ave Suite 312 Holtsville, NY 11742

4 Week Workshop Thursdays in May 7:00pm-- May 7th, 14th, 21st, and 28th

Meditation- Empowerment- Sisterhood
Empowerment, Inspiration, Encouragement, Support

In this 4 week course dive deep into your psyche. Heal your mind, body, and soul with guided meditation, chakra cleansing, emotional exercises, projects, and life coaching. Join a sisterhood with love and support in a non-judgemental sacred space. Cater to your inner self.

Each week is designed to explore your soul and expand your mind
Week 1- Boundaries, codependency, respect, love and forgiveness
Week 2- Fear, dreams, anxiety, goals, deadlines
Week 3- Happiness and Health
Week 4- Chakra balancing, confessions, truth, dive deep

This 4 week course will include
Life coaching
Chakra Balancing
Emotional Exercises
Tips and advice
Soulful project
Reasonable email support
Private facebook sisterhood group (24/7 support and friendship)
Discounted rates for upcoming events through Soul Serenity Healing


Guided Meditation Circle

Wednesday, May 6th, 7pm

755 Waverly Ave Suite 312 Holtsville, NY 11742

During our guided meditation, we will be utilizing a variety of techniques using mindfulness practices, breathing exercises, colors, sounds and visualizations to practice bringing ourselves to a state of peace.

We have a meditation circle at 7pm the 1st Wednesday of the month. This is open to children as well as adults. If some would like a more private practice we can schedule individual meditation sessions or if there is additional interest, we may form more groups in the future. Fee is $10pp for group session. Space is limited registration required (631)654-1085

Group Detox- 28 Day Full Body Cleanse

Saturday, May 23rd, 12am

755 Waverly Aveneue Suite 312 Holtsville, NY 11742

On a daily basis, you are exposed to toxins that inhibit your body’s ability to function optimally. These toxins are absorbed through the air, food and water you ingest and the hygiene products slathered on your body. As these toxins accumulate in the body, various symptoms slowly begin to appear. As toxic molecules circulate throughout the blood, they enter your brain and wreak havoc on your memory and concentration. Your joints fill with inflammation, leading to aches and pains. The skin tries to push these toxins out resulting in blemishes, acne, and body odor. Overall, as toxins take hold in the body, organs and glands struggle to keep up with their job and disease begins.

75% of the immune system is in your digestive tract. Our immune system gets placed on high alert with poor food choices. This leads to inflammation in our gut, causing weight gain, gas, bloating, and bowel problems. Long-term bowel problems affect our hormones and neurotransmitters (molecules that help our mood stay balanced), which will cause depression, anxiety and weight gain.

A naturopathically designed program will evaluate your health and tailor a detox to safely meet your individual needs. It will provide you with the tools needed to package up and excrete your toxic load, which will relax and strengthen your immune system. Choosing to support your body with proper nutrients and diet you are addressing the underlying cause of your dis-ease and restoring your body back to health.

People who are not safe to detox are those who have cancer, pregnant, eating disorder, have had transplant and those on immunosupressants.

If you are interested in being a part of the detox you will need to contact Dr. Hanlon (631) 394-0399 to schedule your initial appointment with her to do a full history of your health so that she can tailor make the program to fit your needs. You must have your appointment before May 25th or else you will miss being a part of the group detox starting June 1, 2015.

This program is amazing. I did it over a year and a half ago and I lost 28pounds and have kept it off. ------ Allison Southard/ Owner Healing Tree Family Wellness

Crystal Singing Bowls

Monday, May 18th, 7pm

755 Waverly Ave Suite 312 Holtsville, NY 11742

Sound and music have been used as the first line of treatment for centuries in ancient cultures, from African traditions, to chanting in Buddhist or Yogic traditions. Sound healing is now being rediscovered and has helped profoundly in the healing process, along with traditional medical treatment. The vibrational sounds of Crystal Singing bowls can touch every part of our physical being. Sound is heard not only through our ears, but we can also feel the vibration of sound as it enters our body. It is the intentional use of the Crystal Singing Bowls to promote healing by restoring harmony to one's whole being. It restores the natural frequency of organs and tissues in the body which become disruped from stress or challenges we all face in life, whether it is on a physical, emotional or spiritual level.

Quartz Crystal Bowls hold the vibration of white light, which ultimately refracts into the rainbow and acts directly on our chakras when played. One bowl in itself can touch and re-balance each of the 7 major chakras. Sound healing also has the power to bring about a positive shift in our consciousness. As our awareness expands, we are enables to reach higher levels of personal growth. Join us as we being the evening with a short meditation, then flow into the soothing sounds of the Crystal Bowls.

Yoga mats are provided. Bring pillows or blankets if needed. Chairs are available.

Please arrive at 6:50 class will begin at 7pm sharp.

This workshop is open to everyone, children as well as adults.

Cost $15.00 please RSVP due to limited space. (631)654-1085

Facilitated by Susan Ferro and Susan LaSorsa

This workshop will be offered every other week each month. If there is a strong response and turn out we will be happy to offer more sessions if requested.

Chakra Balancing Workshop

Thursday, June 4th, 7pm

755 Waverly Avenue

Holtsville, NY

Come celebrate your mind, body, and soul. Join us for a night of guided meditation, reiki and chakra balancing to cleanse and detox any blockages.

You will be sitting in a circle for this event please dress comfortably. Bring water and try to avoid caffeine 3 hours prior to event.

This workshop is offered the first Thursday every other month.

Workshop is hosted by Deanna Lupinacci, founder of Soul Serenity Healing, Holistic Practitioner and Life Coach

Register online at www.soulserenityhealing.com to register or call (631)654-1085 to reserve your spot

Family Paint Night

Saturday, May 16th, 4pm

755 Waverly Avenue

Holtsville, NY

Come enjoy a night of fun with your entire family. You will be instructed by our artist Patricia who will guide you in creating a beautiful masterpiece. This event is for all abilities and ages painting made easy even for those who feel they have no artisitc ability. Your kids will have the best time with you and you will create wonderful memories together with an 11x14 canvas painting to bring home and hang on your walls. Private parties available for 6 or more and you choose your painting of choice. Space is limited and registration required $22.50pp or $45 parent and child call 631-654-1085 or register online at http://www.healingtreefamilywellness.com/art-classs-registration.html

This class is offered the 3rd Saturday of every month!

Adult Paint Night

Saturday, May 16th, 7pm

755 Waverly Avenue

Holtsville, NY

Enjoy a night out with the girls or a special date night with your significant other. Step by step instruction by our artist Patricia who makes painting easy even for those who feel they have no artistic ability. You will be guided in creating a beautiful 16x20 canvas painting. It is great fun and offers wonderful memories for those who attend. BYO Drinks and Snacks. Private parties available for 6 or more and you choose the painting of your choice. Space is limited and registration required $30pp call 631-654-1085 or online at http://www.healingtreefamilywellness.com/adult-paint-night-registration.html

This event is offered the 3rd Saturday of every month!

Mindful Dancing fun for everyone

Sunday, May 17th, 10am

755 Waverly Avenue

Holtsville, NY

Do you or your child love music? Do you love to dance? Learn to express yourself through the art of dance. You will learn more about yourself as well as your emotions. We will explore different emotions through the use of music and express ourselves through creative dance. This is not an instructional dance class but instead a free form dance class that is guided in the practice of mindfulness meditation and self expression. You may be guided through getting past your own inhibitions and self judgment while releasing every emotion and being completely present in the moment with the music and just dancing. Children, adults and couples can all benefit from doing this process and sharing the expression and connective experience with one another. Come in and dance!
Registration required space limited

http://www.healingtreefamilywellness.com/mindful-dancing.html or call 631-654-1085

This event is offered the 2nd Sunday of every month! This month it is the 3rd Sunday due to celebrating Mother's Day.

Counseling, Naturopathic Medicine, Yoga, Art Classes, Instructed Paint Nights, Meditation, Mindful Dancing, Chakra Balancing, Reiki, Energy Medicine

Healing Tree Family Wellness is a family focused holistic wellnesss center that specializes in working with children and families. Our goal is to provide alternative health services while bringing family members together. Come take one of our workshops or make an appointment for individual health services. Our goal is to help families connect, learn healthy ways to express themselves, ways to manage stress and anxiety, learn about our body's natural healing abilities, obtain better relationships, and natural ways to be physically healthier.


Counseling services are available for children (3+), adolescents, and adults. We offer individual, couples, and family therapy. Marriage and Family Therapist's, hold a holistic view of mental health. Along with utilizing traditional family therapy techniques, Allison incorporates other complimentary holistic modalities to provide additional support to the mind and body. Specializing in anxiety, adhd, family relationships, communication, self esteem, divorce. If you are interested or someone is in need of in any of these services please contact Allison Southard, Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist at 631-965-1502 or 631-654-1085.


Want to try an alternative to traditional therapy or as an add on to your current therapy? Try our yoga therapy. Yoga therapy can be beneficial in bringing a connection back to couples, kids to connect and gain trust with their parents, or families to connect with one another. During yoga therapy we will utilize yoga, dance, meditation and therapy in combination to help move past an issue and reconnect by connecting your energies with one another. Our yoga therapy is provided by a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist who is a certified mindful dance instructor and trained energy worker as well as by our Certified Yoga Instructor. This service is on an individual basis to schedule an appointment or to get further information and see if you would benefit from this great service please call 631-654-1085.

Naturopathic Medicine

Are you tired of Western medicine and being given an antibiotic or prescription that just masks your symptoms? Would you like to be healthier and get to the root cause of your ailments? Then Naturopathic Medicine is what you are looking for. If you would like more information or a consultation please contact us at 631-654-1085 or Dr. Hanlon (631)394-0399 or check out our website www.healingtreefamilywellness.com

Art Lessons

The lessons are open to all levels and abilities. These lessons will help teach young aspiring artists or adults who enjoy art and would like to be taught some technique. Lessons are flexible to meet the wants and the needs of the artist. You have the option to be introduced to a variety of mediums such as pencils, charcoal, oil pastels, watercolors, and acrylic paint. Each week you will be guided in how to use the different mediums while being instructed on how to draw. You will be pleasantly surprised at how easy art becomes with our wonderful artist Patricia. You will bring home a wonderful piece of art each week. The lessons are booked in 4 week packages. If we have multiple lessons they will be joined in a class together. To register for your art lesson, call 631-654-1085 or online http://www.healingtreefamilywellness.com/art-classs-registration.html
email- healingtreefamilywellness@gmail.com


Reiki is a form of energy healing that uses hands on, no touch, and visualization techniques. It is an ancient Japanese technique for stress reduction, relaxation, and can promote healing.

Reiki treats the whole person including the body, emotions, mind, and spirit. Creating many beneficial effects that include relaxation and feelings of peace, security, and well being. If you would like to schedule a session call 631-654-1085.

Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT or Tapping)

Emotional freedom technique or what is typically called EFT or Tapping is a psychological acupressure relaxation technique that offers rapid relief from numerous emotional and physical ailments. EFT will help optimize your emotional health. In EFT the cause of negative emotions is a disruption in the body's energy system. EFT is known as the acupuncture for emotions without the needles.

The technique involves; stimulating meridian points by tapping them with your fingers, while mentally tuning in to specific issues making statements about the situation that bothers you, then says a loving and accepting statement about yourself. For more information or to schedule an appointment please call 631-654-1085.

Eden Energy Work

This type of energy work is from Eden Energy Medicine. Donna Eden combines a variety of eastern healing techniques such as qi gong, accupunture, reiki, yoga and more. By combining these individual techniques, Eden Energy Medicine focuses on more aspects of the body's energetic system looking at the chakras, meridians and energy that is held within the organs of the body. Utilizing this technique we can access the natural healing ability that the body holds to heal itself. It can be used to help relax, heal, protect, and give more energy to the body. This work can be used in conjunction with other treatment that we offer or you can schedule an individual appointment by calling 631-654-1085.

Individual or Family Yoga

Private Lessons available. If you are interested in yoga but are too shy to go to a studio, come to the privacy of our comfortable space to get private lessons individually or as a family. Please contact us at 631-654-1085 or through email at healingtreefmailywellness@gmail.com for further details.

Mindful Dance Therapy

Mindful dance therapy is a way to learn to express yourself through the art of dance. You will learn more about yourself as well as your emotions. This is not an instructional dance class but a free form dance class that is guided in the practice of mindfulness meditation and self expression. You may be guided through getting past your own inhibitions and self judgment while releasing every emotion and being completely present in the moment with the music and just dancing. Children will learn to identify different feelings and explore how to release those feelings through dance and using props. This is a great time for you to spend some well deserved time for yourself to have fun and let loose. This time can be used for some fun dancing and great exercise or to do some deep personal work with yourself guided by your facilitator. It can help kids as well as adults release pent up emotions through physical movement and express creatively what they may struggle expressing verbally. Couples can also benefit from doing the process together and sharing the expression and connective experience with one another. Come in and dance! Call 631-965-1502 to schedule your session today.

Private Sessions

Private sessions are available for all services. Including meditation, chakra balancing, energy work, therapy, art, yoga, and dance. Please contact us for additional information

Reiki Circle

Starting May 1st 6:30pm. Will be offered 1st Friday of every month. Open to all Reiki practitioners as well as those who are new to Reiki. $10 Donation suggested. Registration required.

Healing Tree Family Wellness

Special events and private parties available! Call for more information about booking a painting party or yoga/meditation party. If there is something that you would like us to offer please ask. We want to hear from the community and provide you what you need. All services can be individualized to suit your needs.

Do you have a service to offer that fits with the goals of our wellness center? Contact us and help us grow!

At Healing Tree our main objective is to bring families together and to provide alternative treatments and workshops to children and adults. Opening children up to these techniques at a young age is beneficial as they will stay with them into adulthood.

Counseling Services, Marriage and Family Therapy, Naturopathic Medicine, Holistic Health Services, YogaTherapy, Private Family Yoga/Yoga, Art Classes, Private Art Lessons, Instructed Family Paint Night, Adult Paint Nights, Mindful Dance Therapy, Mindful Dancing Class, EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique), Energy Work, Reiki, Meditation/Mindfulness, and monthly Workshops.