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March 21, 2016 5th Six Weeks, Week 4


Principal Message

Greetings Rangers!

I hope that this Legend greets you rejuvenated and happy about the time spent traveling, relaxing, reconnecting with family and friends, catching up on projects, or reading that book that you never had time for. However you spent your time, my hope is it has filled you up and brings you back energized.

Ranger Pride!!
F. Taylor-Glenn

ARMS Sends Love and Strength to the Arnett Family

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ARMS experienced a tragic loss of one of our own, Marlese "Buffy" Arnett.

Family and friends honored the life of our own Ranger, Marlese "Buffy" Arnett at a candlelight vigil on Sunday, March 13th as well as wake and funeral services held this past Friday and Saturday. We are incredibly saddened by the loss of one of our ARMS family members.

The love and support that was shown and is continued to be shown for Ms. Marlese emphasizes her loving spirit and uplifting impact she had on so many people. Her children attend DISD schools (ARMS, Lang Middle School, Truett ES, and Dallas CAN) and truly appreciate the ARMS support. The ARMS PTA will continue to take donations in support of the family during this very difficult time, March 21-24th, in the main office.
Ms. Marlese's mother, was extremely grateful for the contribution made to the family last week.

More information will be shared for a memorial to be held at ARMS in honor of the life of Marlese Arnett.

In loving memory of Marlese "Buffy" Arnett
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Candlelight vigil in honor of Marlese "Buffy" Arnett.
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TG2 Spotlight

TG2 Spotlight is an opportunity for staff members to highlight another staff member who has demonstrated Team, Grit, or Growth. Please provide the characteristic you are spotlighting them for (Team, Grit, or Growth), a brief explanation, and a picture (if you can). In your email to me, Subject line should read: RED: SPOTLIGHT: (Staff Name).

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Spotlight on Ms. Joliffe and Ms. Goodwin (Teamwork)

Mr. Folkenroth writes:

My spotlight is for Ms. Goodwin and Ms. Jolliffe for showing the power of TEAM. They stepped up and covered my 7th and 8th period for me so I could go to the doctors office! I appreciate them so much - and thanks to the power of modern medicine I finally feel better right before spring break! They are the best!!

Thank you!

Ranger News

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Inclement Weather Days - 3/25 Friday Campus Closed

This was an email from school leadership to all principals

Good afternoon Principals,

Just wanted to clarify that March 25th and April 11th are inclement weather days. Campuses are closed. Therefore, all campus personnel are off.

Central office personnel will be at work.

Please share this clarification with your staff.

Have a great Spring Break!

Thank you,

School Leadership

If you desire additional policy information:

This memo was shared in an earlier WAIP, click here to review.


Mandatory STAAR Testing meeting on Tuesday 3/22 @ 4:30pm

Tutoring will begin at 4:45pm. We will make announcements letting students know that tutoring will start a few minutes later so that we can hold our mandatory Testing meeting.

Telpas Testing Resumes 3/21-24th

STAAR Extended Day

March 21st - 24th (Monday - Thursday) and March 28th, Monday.

ARMS students will have the opportunity to stay for two hours after school and transportation home is provided (for normal bus riders). Teachers are compensated for their time.

Content area, teacher have identify students that would benefit from the extended time in preparation for the STAAR - Reading & Math 8, Writing 7.
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Pertinent campus wide WAIP information will be posted in the weekly ARMS Legend. Please ensure that you stay informed of district updates and general information. WAIP information that is specific to a team, grade, content, will be emailed directly.


Click here for more information about mandatory Teacher training and development hours.
All teachers documentation of receipt is required by the district. Click here to complete survey to acknowledge receipt.

Student Perception Survey - April 11-15th

Additional information will be shared with staff from Ms. Crabtree and Ms. Davis.

2016-17 Convocation

Click here for an update from Dr. Smisko in regards to summer convocation.

Spring ACPs

Click here for information about Spring ACPs.

DISD Open Transfer Period

Click here for dates and information for Spring transfer period.
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Marshall Memo

What is the Marshall Memo?

Kim Marshall was a teacher, principal, and central office administrator in Boston for 32 years. He currently advises and coaches new principals through the New Leaders for New Schools program. He is also the author of the Marshall Memo. He subscribes to 64 top-quality publications, and every week he sifts through them to select the most significant articles with the most potential to improve teaching and learning.

In the spirit of our second "G" GROWTH, every week I will share 1 or 2 of the article summaries with ARMS staff. In hopes of sparking interest, sharing another perspective, or strategies as we all collectively work to improve teaching and learning @ ARMS. Take what works for you, leave what doesn't.

Project-Based Learning 101

“When students engage in project-based learning over the course of their time in school,” says John Larmer (Buck Institute for Education) in this article in Educational Leadership, “there’s an accumulating effect. They feel empowered. They see that they can make a difference.” In addition, they’re more likely to acquire the skills, knowledge, and dispositions needed for college and career success. Here is how Larmer sees the key elements of project-based learning, carefully planned and skillfully managed by the teacher:

A challenging problem or question – It should be novel, complex, and open-ended. Students assess what’s required and, with guidance from their teacher, find the resources they need to complete the task.

Sustained inquiry – Students are challenged to work on the project over a period of days or weeks.

Authenticity – As much as possible, projects expose students to the outside world in all its complexity. “They understand what it’s like to meet real deadlines, not the arbitrary ones typically set by teachers but the ones they had to meet because people were counting on them,” says Larmer. “They learn how to behave, make eye contact, and dress appropriately.”

Student voice and choice – Students take responsibility for a series of tasks and make decisions on how to proceed. “They troubleshoot problems and often find themselves in situations that stretch them,” says Larmer, “such as when they interview an expert, use new tech tools, or propose solutions for a community problem to an audience of adults.”

Reflection – Teams of students engage in projects that involve ongoing analysis on how they’re doing.

Critique and revision As students work, they fine-tune their process and product. “Sometimes their ideas fail, and they have to return to the drawing board,” says Larmer.

Public product – The students conclude their project by demonstrating what they have learned to an adult audience.

Larmer gives three examples of successful projects conducted by students at different grade levels:

- Fifth graders researched brain cancer, conducted a fund-raiser, and contributed $1,300 to a children’s hospital.

- High-school economics students researched home ownership in their community and, working with a local bank, conducted a community education event to inform parents and local residents of the benefits of home ownership.

- Ninth-grade science students studied local water quality, produced a video, and wrote a class book based on their findings. They also contacted state officials and successfully proposed an adopt-a-shoreline program to improve a local lake.

Larmer closes with four ways that project-based learning can go off the rails and not fulfill its potential:

- Mistake #1: Using materials that aren’t truly project-based; beware of PBL-lite!

- Mistake #2: Providing inadequate training and support for teachers; one-shot workshops are not enough.

- Mistake #3: Over-using projects in the curriculum; basic skills can still be taught in a more conventional format.

- Mistake #4: Implementing project-based learning on an ad hoc basis; to get the long-term effect, students need to engage in high-quality projects on a regular basis through their school years.

“It’s a Project-Based World” by John Larmer in Educational Leadership, March 2016 (Vol.

73, #6, p. 66-70), available for purchase at; Larmer can be reached at; further resources are available at

ARMS Athletic Events

Week of 3/21 - 3/31

Monday, March 21

ARMS Softball vs. Long @ ARMS

Wednesday & Thursday, March, 23/24

DISD Invitational Track Meet @ Loos 5:30 pm

Wednesday, March 23

ARMS Baseball vs. O.W. Holmes @ Holmes 6:00 p.m.

ARMS Events

Weekly Events March 21 - 25

Monday March 21
Trailblazer, Meeting @ 4:30-5:45 - Conference Room 127
STAAR Extended tutoring 4:30-6:30
Tuesday, March 22
Testing Meeting @ 4:30 - Library
STAAR Extended tutoring 4:45-6:30
Wednesday, March 23
STAAR Extended tutoring 4:30-6:30
Thursday, March 24
STAAR Pep Rally (6th - 8th period- more info coming)
STAAR Extended tutoring 4:30-6:30
Friday, March 25
Inclement Weather Day- Campus Closed!!

On The Horizon........

Monday, March 28
Trailblazer Meeting @ 4:30-5:45- Conference room 127
STAAR Extended tutoring 4:30-6:30
Tuesday, March 29
STAAR Writing 7, Math 8, Algebra 1-Mock
Wednesday, March 30
STAAR Reading 8
Thursday, March 31
7th Math Pre-AP

*TELPAS March 7 - April 6
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Career Day Excitement!

Spring Break Fun

Ms. Bills and Zeric lounging and go carting @ Shenaniganz.
Ms. Wagers having fun in Cabo!!!
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Mr. Stephens spent a few days hiking and camping in Palo Duro Canyon and Caprock Canyon in the panhandle. We saw some buffalo, I climbed up to the top of the "Lighthouse" and checked out some Cadillac art in the middle of a field! Of course I brushed up on some Texas history there as well, it was also where the Goodnight-Loving cattle drive ran through.
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Mrs. Taylor - Glenn

We decided why wait! Audre and I were joined by family and friends this past Friday in Austin as we became husband and wife. This Spring Break will forever be my favorite!!

The Most Important Work of our Time! Always remember YOUR IMPACT!

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