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May 2016 Newsletter

Warm Weather Means Farmers Market Time

May is always the start of lots of outdoor activities for the year, and some of the best things that begin each May are the farmers markets. Both the Broad Ripple and Carmel farmers markets began on Saturday May 7th.

The Broad Ripple Farmers Market will be running every Saturday now thru November 21st., located in the parking lot behind Broad Ripple High School, and has over 70 vendors each week. We have a tent set up every weekend with fresh roasted whole bean coffee, hot coffee and tea, as well as a cart dispensing Nitro Coffee. You can always count on Marcie to have an exclusive drink that is not available in stores, like her famous Thai Iced Coffee, as well!

The Carmel Farmers Market runs every Saturday thru September 24th, and features more than 60 vendors. We do not have a tent set up here, but, right next door to the market and some of its most convenient parking, we have the best breakfast offerings around! Our full-service restaurant at the City Center has an amazing weekend brunch perfect after working up an appetite walking and shopping the market. You can also enjoy that brunch on our expansive patio while enjoying live music most Saturdays.

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Third Seasonal Varietal Now Available

Our third coffee in the Anniversary series, Ethiopia Biftu Gudina, is on the shelves. This heirloom varietal comes fully washed and sun dried on raised beds for 10 days. Biftu Gudina was established in 2012, and is one of the best representations of what 6 years of cooperation between TechnoServe staff and member coffee farmers can do. The Co-op now has over 150 members, and processes with an eco-pulper, full-immersion soaking, and raised-bed drying. It's an art and a science, resulting in a complex cup. Look for a honeyed, jasmine break with bright tangerine citrus with a winey body and intense clarity in the cup.

TechnoServe is short for "technology in service of mankind" and is a nonprofit organization established in 1968 by businessman Ed Bullard. It still thrives today, backed in large support by the Bill and Melinda Gates foundation.

Local Supporting Local

Being a local company based here in Indianapolis for the past 25 years, we have always tried to partner with and support other local businesses. It not only grows our connections within the community, but it often gives us access to fresh, high quality items, that you cannot find in many places. At times, that exposure can help lead to great success for those vendors. A great example is UGo Bars. We were approached early on in their inception by co-founders Tracy Gates and Rebecca Walter, with fantastic, fresh, hand made to order bars, made with all natural ingredients that can be found at a local market. The bars were a huge hit with customers of our shop and other area vendors. They have now expanded their operation, which started in rented commercial kitchen space in free time around other full-time jobs, to now not only being behind the brand full time, but with a small staff as well. They have expanded distribution into hundreds of locations in 14 states, including Kroger stores. Even with all that expansion, every order is still hand made to order! For more information, hop over to

Barista Corner

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This months featured Barista is Cara Shelley, Manager of our downtown Shop, located at 11 South Meridian St, inside the Barnes & Thornburg Law building.

How long have you Worked for Hubbard & Cravens?

I have worked for Hubbard & Cravens since October of 2014, so a little over a year and a half.

What do you feel sets us apart from other coffee companies and shops in the area?

I think it's unique that although we have four different shops, the company as a whole feels small. Hubbard & Cravens is close-knit and I like that a lot. At the downtown location specifically, we have the Modbar ,which is really cool. It's an automated pour over system that brews one cup at a time. We make all of our coffees of the day this way.

What is your favorite part of each day at your shop?

I love when someone comes to the shop for the first time. They're always fascinated with the Modbar and it excites me to see them leaving with a smile on their face. I also enjoy the morning rush, getting to know the regulars, and seeing them come back each and everyday is pretty great.

Where did you grow up/How did you end up in Indianapolis?

I grew up in the town of Troy, Ohio about 20 minutes north of Dayton. I moved to Indy a year and a half ago with my sister to try out somewhere new.

What past experience in life or acquired talent would your customers be surprised that you have become skilled in?

When I was much younger, my mom, myself, and my three siblings were a part of a family band. We would travel around to different churches and play for them, we were even on TV once. I still do some singing with my sister here and there, hopefully not quite as dorky though!

Comic Con was here in Indianapolis this month. If you could wake up tomorrow with some sort of super-power, what would it be, and what would you do with it that made you chose it?

I would choose to wake up with the power to speak to animals, so that I know what my dog George is thinking all the time.

Coffee Republic

Thursday, May 19th, 8am

6229 Carrollton Avenue

Indianapolis, IN

Join us on Third Thursday with this months special guest, Doris Barringer, founder of I Rise Academy and Tutoring. She will be discussing the inception of the academy, and what lies ahead for its future.
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