Whats it about?

This is a historical novel based on the life of Nanberry,a young Cadigal boy who lost his old culture and gets adopted by another one. Nanberry was stranded between two cultures and time to time sides with one more then the other one,but this happen because when the first fleet came and brought small pox with it killing his clan.

Whats the setting?

The setting of this book is set in Sydney cove 1788 to 1823 before the first fleet arrived in 1788. Nanberry was free in the Cadigal land but when the British colonies came this all changed. The British took much more then needed and didn't care for the land and over time destroying the land.
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The characters

As the title suggests Nanberry is the main character of this book but as the story goes on his family dies from small pox.Luckily Surgeon white found him as he was almost dead then Nanberry gets adopted by the surgeon which later has a convict woman, Rachel, assigned to him.The Rachel and the surgeon have a baby so she becomes apart of the adopted family,the child's name was Andrew.


In a short summary Nanberry's family dies from small pox then he was adopted by Surgeon John White and has an adoptive mother and given a new chance at life ,he became a sailer and finely rested in peace as a sailor , as a son, and as a brother.


The theme of this book was the impact on the Aboriginal community from from the early British contact, the invasion of their land from the first fleet and in Nanberry's case trying to belong.He was between two lives and two cultures one being a warrior another being a a part of the British.

My Opinion

In my opinion this book is very emotional at times and it has great great characters.The way the characters develop through out the story is amazing and even if there was not that much info on this story about this story but the author could get so much from so little is amazing.