Fredericktown Elementary School

March Edition

Kindness Challenge Week - 2023, Kindness is my Superpower!

Kindness Challenge Week (Feb 27-March3) was a huge success. Students participated in a variety of activities that focused on building a positive school culture through our Positive Behavior Intervention Supports (PBIS) framework. The theme for the week was Kindness is my Superpower. Students participated in a variety of daily activities which included in part:

Monday: How can your kindness superpower change the world?

Tuesday: Empathy is listening carefully to understand how someone else is thinking and feeling and showing you care for others.

Wednesday: Appreciation is showing someone how important they are to you and how thankful you are for them.

Thursday: Jim "Basketball" Jones Assembly

Friday: Share the spirit of kindness with generosity.

Students and staff were challenge to write a students name on a comic strip piece of paper when they saw students being kind throughout the week. The grade level that has the most shapes on the wall by the end of the day on Thursday, March 2 will receive a surprise visit and reward from a special visitor... to be continued!

Read Across America

Reading is Sweet

FES will be celebrating "Read Across America Week" the week of March 6 - 10. It traditionally begins on March 2, the birthday of beloved author Dr. Seuss. While we always have a focus on reading and student achievement at FES, the entire month of March is dedicated to reading. Administration and staff constantly aims to encourage, educate and support reading and literacy skill to promote our young learners.

We have a full week of activities planned that ties in with the theme of the week, "Reading is Sweet."

Monday: Laughy Taffy Day - Wear bring colors

Tuesday: Startburst Day - Wear stars

Wednesday: Snickers Day - Put a joke in your pocket

Thursday: Jolly Rancher Day - Dress as a cowboy/cowgirl

Friday: Reading is Sweet - Dress as a sweet treat

*contact your classroom teacher for additional details*

Students will be challenged with a reading goal. Classrooms will be awarded a prize as well. The entire student body will be involved in a reading challenge that involves a version of the board game, Candyland. If students are successful, Mr. Caputo will carry out an surprise event in celebration of meeting the reading goal!