Medical Technology

By: Gabby Gomez

What is Medical Technology?

Medical technology, which is a proper subset of health technology, encompasses a wide range of healthcare products and is used to diagnose, monitor or treat diseases or medical conditions affecting humans.

Will this impact teens looking at potential careers?

According to many others they believe it could affect the job choices for the teens.

Others believe that it could impact the smaller generation to continue the career they want.

Can medical technology affect the job market? Would people lose their jobs?

Some state that the use of technology brings new opportunities and better performance.

However people think differently about this they think it brings the technological use down.

Overall is Medical Technology/ Technology beneficial?

Some argue that it affects the job market, and people lose their jobs.

However some also say that it may change how the medical field is used in today's time,and bring more advances in medicine.

What Did I Learn?

While I did the project i learned many things about medical technology while finding my information I found out advantages and disadvantages of using technology in the job industry. The importance of having technology can improve performance or in other cases affect it in ways. This project made me realize that many things are changing and it all depends on how you're willing to take it. Made me think about the things it will bring or if it will stop people such as teens from achieving that goal. In Addition, i noticed there's a lot of back to back controversy between if medical technology does good things or if it isn't. whether or not the technology that is being introduced to the world has affected us in any way matter.

Why did I do a slideshow?

I believe a powerpoint would be helpful to organize all the things about medical technology and on what is trying to be taught.