Rome City Elementary School

Roman News March 2020

From the Principal's Desk...

Can you believe it is already March!? This school year is flying by! As spring arrives, students are starting to want to be out side more and stay up later. Please make sure you continue to follow a routine. As a parent, I know how hard it is to make sure our routine stays consistent and to make sure I keep my son motivated to finish the school year.

We have an exciting academic challenge this trimester. Students who meet their academic challenge goals, get to attend a tailgating party in May. Continue to look for information coming home from the classroom teacher. They will keep you updated as to whether or not your child meets his or her principal's academic challenge goal!

Please consider joining us for our school carnival! Hosting events like the school carnival helps us make events and field trips happen for our kiddos. This year our carnival is extra special because we are also raising money to help Mrs. Herber.

Heather Green


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Plan ahead for field trips...

You must have a background check on file in the office to be able to attend outings with your child. Call today for more information.

Look what's happening this month!

Great Attendance: An Essential Skill

In order to learn and grow, students need to be at school. Good attendance in school is not only critical for skill development in students, but it is also establishing good work habits that can be seen throughout life. Our attendance policy and Indiana Code attendance laws require students to be in school, and when patterns of absenteeism are developed, action by the school is necessary. Please stress to your children the importance of being at school to establish these good habits!

Children should also learn how important it is to arrive on time for school. Some of the most important directions of the day occur in the first few minutes. Children who are ready, sitting in their chairs, waiting for instructions, are learning more, day by day.

Many times a child is embarrassed to walk into the classroom after everyone else has started their learning, and it may affect how well the rest of his/her day goes.

Frequent tardies do matter!

Please continue to work with your child to ensure he/she is at school on time every day.

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