DO U THINK JACKSON is cute or NOT??????!!!!!

Trails of Tear

The TRAIL OF TEARS is when the Native Americans and how Jackson refused to listen to supreme court. He let the us government to exchange the Indian land with less desirable land. On the way to Oklahoma out of 16,000 only 1/4 of them died when walking the 2,200 miles to Oklahoma. The other court cases with the blessing of the us government rounded them up to move for the white men to find " gold " and live there.

Nullification Crisis

One of the tariff passed during Jackson presidency named " Tariff of Abomination". The southern region was real upset about the tariff. South Carolina threaten to do secede from USA. Congress passed "the force bill" which made South Carolina to pay their taxes.Andrew Jackson was going to send troops if they didn't pay and was resolved by paying a lower tariff.

Spoils System

The Spoils System was a practice that in a political party after winning the election and gives the government. The government get to bring people that they trust and give them jobs to family,friends.

A Political cartoon

Jackson is being the 'KING' and the man with the hat is giving Jackson a list of all the "Bank War." Jackson was the infamous for vetoing the second bank of the US. Jackson wanted to remove the governments deposits and the us bank suffers from a bank panic.

To: Jackson From:Cherokee Girl

Dear Jackson,

I HATE U SO MUCH because the other Natives and i lived in a beautiful land that was well fed and helped us in the economy . A little kid found gold in the river and the little kid wanted to turn it for money and the white man found out that the little Natives found gold from Georgia . So Jackson doesn't listen to the supreme court that was part of the court case of leaving the Natives alone . Jackson makes the Natives to move to Oklahoma that was 2,200 miles called the Trial of Tears and out of 26,000 1/4 of them died . One of them was my father and i didn't get to have a proper funeral for him . They promised to give us the land that we had but even better soon enough we found out that it was like a desert.

To: Jackson From: An AVERAGE Guy

Dear Jackson,

I LOVE U SOOOOO MUCH!!!!! U are my role model because u were this normal guy that became a PRESIDENT, I mean if u could do it then that mean I could have a chance, since u signified a shift in power for we the normal. I AM SOOOOO GLADDD that u removed the Natives I mean I HATE them, they get on my nerves . I also, think that when u made the South Caroline to pay the Tariff of the Abomination I felt powerful for you and when they threaten to secede from the USA. I got scared but when u made them pay the lower tariff or they would be literally dead I was like YES YES YES JACKSON Whoop!!!