The Way It Is - Donalda Reid


  • The Way It Is establishes the idea of never giving up on what you want to become, always ignore the stereotypical expectations from people.
  • In today’s society many people are judged for what they like to do or not to do because of their stereotypical expectations.
  • The movie Mulan the theme demonstrated that no one should ever undermine women
  • Eric Walter’s books establishes the point of how stereotypical expectations shouldn’t let people stop what they want to do.
  • All of these themes illustrate that we should stop having stereotypical expectations for people

Novel- The Way It Is

  • Based in the 1960's in Salmon Armor, Canada
  • The main character Ellen, a teenage girl in 1960s was able to go to university even thought it was a lot harder for a girl to be able to get post-secondary education.
  • Also Tony, a supporting character, was able to go to college despite of the obstacles that stood his way because he was a native Indian boy
  • Ignoring the sexist and racist stereotypical expectations they tried hard and it resulted in them reaching their goals
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Movie- Mulan

  • Mulan is the only child of a honored family in China
  • As China is at war, Mulan decides to disguise herself as a man and take her father's spot in the war as her father is cripple
  • During one of the battles Mulans gender accidentally gets revealed and asked to leave
  • Mulan makes a plan and ends up killing the enemy, winning over respect from many
  • She ultimately proves that gender stereotypes are wrong and that women and men should he treated equally
  • Which is related to the theme of “The Way It Is"; in which Ellen and Tony were undermined by the society and how they were able to over come it
  • These two stories prove that stereotypical expectations should not exist.
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Website - Eric Walters

  • Born in Toronto,
  • His books revolve around the theme of having strong leads weather they are male or female
  • Theme of having stereotypical expectations and how females are no less than men and also all people weather rich or poor should be treated equally
  • He is a teacher and was also a social worker, his experiences inspired him to write a lot of his books and he is able to understand his characters deeply
  • He bases his books from a lot of real life experiences and people, since being a teacher he bases a lot of his books on his students

Website on the author : https://www.umanitoba.ca/cm/profiles/walters.html

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  • "The Way it is" is a very entertaining book with tons of exciting events
  • It provided us with valuable information by having the theme of not letting stereotypical expectations stop you from what you want to do
  • Also inspiring many people
  • The book provided us with a fresh new insight by having it based in the 1960's , which is a different setting then a normal setting today's world.
  • I would defiantly recommend it


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