you're not the only one

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What years were you in middle school

He attend middle school in 1992-1996

What kinds of music, movies, and fashions were popular at the time?

Music was Dr Dre

The Bodyguard movie

Starter jackets

What were your favorite activities in middle school? What were your hobbies and interests?

His favorite activity in middle school was Track & field

his hobbies was Music, movies, & video games

What job/interests/activities do you have now? Is there a connection between what you like back then and what you enjoy today?

He collect debt, sell sunglass & love all things music.

He enjoyed music since He was a kid and continue today.

What was the best part about being in middle school

He enjoyed Bonding with friends

What was the worst part?

He was Shy with girls

How would you describe your middle school self

he desribe his middle school self as a dreamer

What advice about growing up would you give to kids my age?

Never stop learning
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