Inherit The Wind

By Jerome Lawrence and Robert E Lee

Info on the Authors

Robert Edwin Lee (October 15, 1918 – July 8, 1994) was an American playwriter and lyricist, worked for an army radio station during world war 2.

Jerome Lawrence (born Jerome Lawrence Schwartz; July 14, 1915 – February 29, 2004)

was also an american playwriter and collaberated with Robert Edwin Lee during most of his life. Together they made Armed Forces Radio

Scopes Monkey Trial

A man named John Scopes, was being convicted of teaching evolution In Tennessee, where it was unlawful to do so. After eight days of hard battling over whether the bible is right, scopes was fined $100

Summary of the book

Inherit the wind is about a court trial occurring in a small town called Hillsboro. The court case is about religion. A man named Cates is angry his boy was taught creationism in school. Brady is proven close minded and at the end is left with a bible and a copy of Darwin, which he takes both with him.
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