Mrs. Haralson's Class News

March 16-20

Upcoming Events

March 16

March Math Attack - Fractions (pick up at 3:30)

Second Cup of Coffee and Conversation for Milestones 6:00 pm in Media Center

March 17

STEM club at 7:30am

March 19

March Math Attack - Fractions (pick up at 3:30)

March 20

PTSO Family Dance (father/daughter - 6pm, mother/son - 7pm)

PreK Lottery Drawing 1:00 pm

March 23

March Math Attack - geometry (pick up at 3:30)

Madras 6th grade orientation @ 7pm

Spring Art Show 4:30-6:30 in gym

March 26

March Math Attack - geometry (pick up at 3:30)

March 30

March Math Attack - measurement (pick up at 3:30)

March 31

School Council 8:15 am in Media Center

Chick Fil A Spirit Night 5:00-8:00 pm

Countywide Elementary Track Meet

April 2

March Math Attack - measurement (pick up at 3:30)

April 6-10

Spring Break

Don't Forget!!

March Math Attack will continue on Mondays and Thursdays students will have the opportunity to stay after school until 3:30 for some extra math review throughout the month of March. If your child is planning to stay for any of the tutoring sessions, please make sure to send in a transportation note. Students should be picked up in the bus loading zone at 3:30.

The tutoring schedule is as follows:

March 2 & 5 - Order of Operations

March 9 & 12 - Decimals

March 16 & 19 - Fractions

March 23 & 26 - Geometry

March 30 & April 2 - Measurement





Figurative Language

Math - Geometry & Measurement

convert among standard measurement units (metric and customary) and use these measurements in multi-step real world problems (5.MD.1)

Social Studies : Civil Rights

Science: Earth Science (weathering, erosion, deposition)

Spelling list

compound words

1. jellyfish

2. touchdown

3. campfire

4. skateboard

5. anyway

6. fireworks

7. masterpiece

8. sweatshirt

9. flashlight

10. laptop

Things to Study

Students should be studying their spelling words and reviewing class notes & IXL throughout the week to help review what was taught in class. It is important to practice skills taught in class, especially in math, in order to fully master the content

Ideas for ways to study: study notes from class, review math and reading journals, IXL, frontrow, flipped videos and assignments on Edmodo, and view any games or activities in the “extra practice” folder on Edmodo.

IXL Skills

Review Skills:

Multiplication & Division - all

Mixed Operation Word Problems P.2

Order of Operations – Q.1

Exponents – Q.12 & Q.13

Algebra – Q.3, Q.4, Q.7, Q.11

All skills involving decimals

Fractions: L.1 - L.12

Add and Subtract Fractions

Multiply Fractions

Divide Fractions

Fraction word problems ** Great skill to review each week!

Area & Perimeter (under "geometry")

Scaling - N.17-19

Geometry - B.1-7

Volume B.24-27

Current Skills

Metric Conversions W.7-12

Customary Conversions W.1-6 & 13-16

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