Lockport City School District

February 2022 Points of Pride from Superintendent Bradley

My Brother’s Keeper Family and Community Engagement Program

Lockport City School District’s My Brother’s Keeper (MBK) Family and Community Engagement Program (FCEP) is moving full steam ahead. While things may have appeared quiet, the MBK Advisory Council has been working hard to make sure that we have the best people, organizations, and services in place to meet the needs of Lockport’s boys and young men of color. Several people have been hired to fill MBK positions, the Council has partnered with many passionate people and organizations, and positive relationships within the Council based on collaborative decision-making have been developed. Special thanks and appreciation are extended to Holly Dickinson, director of grants and community programs, and all members of the MBK Advisory Council for their dedicated efforts towards this initiative. Council members are: Tara Clayton, Holly Dickinson, Antoine Johnson, Heather McClain, Kathleen Patterson, Michelle Roman, Mark Sanders, Leslie Tobin, and Teria Young.

Vision Statement:

Young men of color will access their inner strength to achieve their purpose and potential with the support of vibrant school, family, and community partnerships.

Mission Statement:

LCSD’s MBK FCEP mission is to build a collaborative school community by embracing the voices of students, families, and staff to develop relationships that empower, foster resiliency, and instill hope in all students, especially boys and young men of color.

Celebrating Black History Month in LCSD

In art class at Anna Merritt Elementary School during Black History Month, kindergarten students learned about African American artist Alma Thomas and her abstract art. Students demonstrated their painting skills replicating her art using colorful dashed lines.

Lockport High School Student of the Quarter Award

Lockport High School recently presented the first Student of the Quarter Award. This award is presented to two underclassmen for academic performance, attendance and punctuality, attitude, citizenship, cooperation, effort, and leadership. The honorees for the first quarter are Reese Wroblewski and Kai Nogle. Congratulations!

Emmet Belknap Intermediate School "Phantom of the Music Room"

Congratulations to the Emmet Belknap Intermediate School learning community for an outstanding performance of "Phantom of the Music Room". We are fortunate to have so many talented students in the Lockport City School District. Special thanks to all those involved in making the production so successful.

Athletics News

Lockport High School participated in the WNYO/Thursday Night Lights Scholar Athlete Contest sponsored by Aesthetic Associates. Logan Wendt was nominated, and out of the 16 participating high schools, was chosen as the 2021 Scholar Athlete of the Year. Logan received a $5,000 scholarship towards the college that he chooses to attend. Congratulations on this accomplishment Logan!

Art in our Schools

Student artists at Anna Merritt Elementary School learned about artist and designer Rommy De Bommy and her food inspired art. They created the 3D donut by wrapping it in plaster mesh strips around a tin foil base. Students then designed the donut using acrylic paint, puffy paint, and sprinkles. These masterpieces look good enough to eat!

"SNOW Much Fun Week" was held at Roy B. Kelley Elementary School. Kindergarten students completed a snow themed project in art class. They discussed background versus foreground. Students used sponging and fingerprinting to create the snow in the background. Every student made a unique snowman by cutting, pasting, and drawing.

Learning in Our Schools

Dear LCSD Colleagues and Families,

Throughout February, although not a singular month event, the Lockport City School District recognizes the importance of Black History Month. A significant initiative in the District is the implementation of the New York State My Brother’s Keeper (MBK) Family and Community Engagement Program grant. This grant provides LCSD with $500,000 over four years to help boys and young men of color in Lockport support their hopes and dreams for the future. The additional activities during the month of February helped to celebrate achievements in history along with bringing the District’s motto of “Pride in Our Past; Faith in Our Future” to life. I hope you enjoyed reading about LCSD’s February highlights. Stay safe and be well during the recess.