Digital Learners- Unit 1

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How to be DIF!

DIF stands for Digitally Information Fluent! This means you can research, identify, and understand things on the internet effectively and efficiently.

When you are researching use key words, use commas to separate what you are researching, and use proper capitalization and follow the phrase; less is more! I would think of researching as a cookie :) you need the wafer which is your question, the cream, which is your key words, and the bottom wafer, which is your research tools; covered in the icing of curiosity!

You need to be safe as well. You should be aware of phishing, scams, and threats. You should understand the signs of a phish email from the way the format looks, are there spelling errors, or does it simply sound to good to be true?

The signs of a scam are does this sound reliable, do I know who the person who is offering their services? I think that about covers it. My work here is done. :D

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Here is a Video on How to be Smart Online-

Wild About Safety with Timon and Pumbaa: Safety Smart® Online -- PREVIEW

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