IGTP Newsletter

6th Edition


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Congratulations to all chosen to be part of iGTP National Sales Team for AIESEC in Malaysia! They will be led by our beautiful Deassy, CEEDer from Indonesia. This marks the beginning of a new rise to drive sales intensity and growing iGTP like never before!


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Thanks to Figo we have our new IR Website. Do check it out!

It is ready to launch to our partners so you can insert this link (GTP TNs: National Search Tool) below your email signature like this:

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This week LC Visit, we manage to cover USM, Sunway and UKM. You guys learned all about SALES and now it is time to check out your own skills in your sales meeting!


Dea is going around LCs to conduct oGTP Market Training and Visits. Do you know the NEED and BENEFITS of Raising TNs specifically for Indonesia?

Since building a strong partnership with Indonesia, we can get a huge (secured) supply of EPs in Marketing, Business Admin and IT.

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Through a targeted sales, we can optimize our process of Raising and Matching with improved conversion rates.

Do consult Dea for more information and focus on supply based raising.


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Here is how iGTP performed nationally this week from 12th October to 16th October 2015. How are your performance? Does it reflect the focus you had for the week?


Jenna will be taking over for the week until Peter is back on the 26th of October! Bye bye Peter :) Let's wish all the best in Hong Kong.

List to do:

1. LCVPs to attend Winter Sales Campaign meeting

2. RAISE like never before!