Reagan Hamilton

A bit about my life...

I was born in May 30, 2002. I was supposed to be born on my mom's birthday! I have had a pet all my life! I had a golden retriever named Bailey she died in 2011 she was 11 years old when she died of bone cancer and it spread to her lungs. I have 1 sibling his name is Reece we are twins!

This is when I moved to my house I live in now.I met my BEST FRIEND EVER!!!! Riley Reese!! In 2007 I got my very own DOGGIE named Bear!! As you can tell I LOVE ANIMALS!!! He is still alive today!!!

I want to be a marine biologist or a vetenarin when I grow up!!! I love working with other kids to!!!

My last name Hamilton comes from England!! That is so cool right!

I met my Best friend Tori!! You will love her when you meet her!! She will always understand you and care for you she loves you when you hang out all the time!!

Scarlet sleeping on my bed I wrapped her up in.

My birthstone emerald (May) I love the color green and blue so this is the perfect for me.

A day in my life...

This day started out fine until my 2 year old brother and I were asleep on the couch with my dad. My brother rolled off the couch then woke up and stared screaming .Ah!!! You could hear the terror in him, and in a quick second BAM. My dad caught him by the dipper at the last second. I say that was fast re-flexes.

Later that night my meme and dad had to take away our pacifier uh oh. Just probably went in your mind. Uh Oh is right they took them away!! Ah Meme passy AH AH AH!!!!!!!!!! Me and my brother screamed and all of that!! I don't even know why they had to take them away I mean that is just madness! That is just not right! I love my passy!!

Why I choosed that year to write about...

2004 I chose that year because I moved into my house that I have to day and met my bestest friend ever. Tori and Riley also Hannah. Then it leads to memories.

When my brother fell off the couch taking away our passy I have lived in my house sense new years eve of 2003 my first day in my home was January 1,2004. I would have been turning 3 that year on May 30.