By: Matthew Fiorentini

History of the Rambutan

The rambutan is a fruit grown primarily in Southeast Asia, and is cousin to the longan and the lychee. It grows on trees that are 10-20 feet (3.05-6.1 m) high. The trees are prized in landscaping because they are evergreens. The rambutan is a sweet fruit that most palates find appealing. Ten to 20 fruits will grow in clusters. Their exterior appearance looks a bit foreboding, as it is covered in spikes. The spikes, however, are soft and will not harm one who touches or handles the rambutan.

Other Information on the Rambutan

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Rambutan can be found in many different varities such as:

  • You can find Rambutan in a can
  • The most popular variety is fresh

Where are Rambutan's grown?

  • Rambutan trees fruit twice a year, yielding crops beginning late June and August and in December and January. Growing seasons vary, however, in each of the tropical countries where it flourishes. Truly tropical, Rambutan trees love warm humid climates. The also make great potted plants for indoors for those who live in non-tropical areas.

When is is peak season?

  • The peak season of a Rambutan is usually the beginning of June and August and in December and January.

How to select the best product?

  • A good Rambutan is nice and red colour, firm (not soft), and has no brown spots.

How to store your product

  • Keep Rambutan in a cool, dry place
  • Keep it in a dark place