Mission San Francisco de Asis

by Angie Gonzalez


Mission san francisco de Asis is the 8 mission.The indian tribe at the mission was theOh lone and Miwok. The founder was Fr. Junipers Serra.November 24,1713 Fray Junipers Serra was borne.March 1806 the mission was hit with out break 471 deaths happened. The year it was built was October 9,1776.

Daily life

The Ohlone ,Miwok and Patwin lived at the mission. Fr. Junipero Serra was in charg. Ohlone women made baskets soap and cloth. There were many types of chores like make breakfast . Wheat and corn were planted.The church at the missions was 114 feet long and and 22 feet wide.

Pictures and Illustrations

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Mission today

The mission today is still open. There is still a church .The church changed a little since 1790`s.There is no museum display of the mission.


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