Delegate Biography Project

Kyarria Chandler

Delegates Name: John Dickinson

  • Delegates State: Delaware
  • Delegates Profession:Lending and investment, Lawyer retired
  • Age at convention: 54
  • Did the delegate sign the constitution: No

Professional Information

  1. John Dickinson was a governor of Pennsylvania
  2. Member of Delaware constitutional convention
  3. John was one of few to refuse to sign the deceleration of independence
  4. My delegates profession was very useful in creating a constitution

Penman of the Revolution

Constitutional contributions

John was greatly know for his letters he wrote supporting the ratification of the constitution.

Why was John the chosen one?

Mr. Dickinson has been famed through all america, for his farmer letters. he is a scholar and said to be a man of very extensive information.

State Information

  • The delegate of Delaware didn't want independence, they were against it until Ceaser Rodney changed their vote.
  • The Constitution benefited john because he received the title as " penman of the revolution"
  • The constitution could have benefited the state of Delaware in many ways starting with making rules and laws for themselves.


  • It's a fact that Johns refusal to signing the the deceleration of independence damaged his reputation.
  • Delaware was the first state to ratify the united states constitutions