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May 13th, 2016

News You Can Use!

*PAWS Pride- this week our PAWS Pride lesson focused on how to be a good friend. Classes brainstormed qualities of a good friend and worked on an activity to demonstrate these traits.

*We are still in need of a few volunteers for the Battle of the Books on Friday morning. It is a lot of fun:)

*The Fun Run is Tuesday during our PE time (11:00-11:30). Please make sure to wear to the fun run shirt!

Important Dates

May 17th- Fun Run!

May 20th- Battle of the Books competition

May 30th- NO SCHOOL Memorial Day

May 30th- All Library books due back to the Conley Library

June 3rd- Last day of school!

Subject Snapshots


Story- Antacrtic Journal

Comprehension Skills: Main Idea and Details

Conventions: Time Order Words

Vocabulary: Greek and Latin Prefixes, Word Structure

Writing- Persuasive Ad

Spelling- Latin Roots


Unit 9: Fractions, Decimals and Percents

Science: Waves and Energy

Fermilab Field Trip


The class learned a lot about heat waves, light waves, and sound waves through hands on explorations on our field trip. It was an exciting way to learn at a very cool location. If you’re interested in exploring with your family at the Fermilab this summer, check out the flyer below.

Click here for information about the Fermilab.

Click here to see pictures from the field trip.


This week in literacy we worked with a partner on a question sheet about our weekly story and graded it. We also went over our vocab words. We are doing something called a global blogging challenge. It is where we connect with other classes and comment on their posts. The question for week one was Get to know me! The question for week two was What is special about where you live?! Yesterday we did a Kahoot on vocab and the story.

Click here to view our Mind Meister App spelling sorts.

Mrs. Hassels' Math Class

This week in math,we did a lot of fun things! On Monday,what we did,is we reviewed over the instructions of the things on the study guide,and started to work on it.Later,she let us work on it with partners! When we finished the study guide,we did this in this order. We did our math boxes,extra math,and last but not least,Prodigy! On Tuesday, Mrs.Price's class had a field trip,so what we did,is we took a MCOMP(math computation)test,so we just took this which is 8 minutes.We have to try to complete as many problems as we can in the 8 minutes. If we finish,we can look them over. On Wednesday,all we did,is we had the study guide for homework if we did not finish it,and we went over our study guide! After we finished that,we did some Jeopardy! On Thursday,we took our BIG test! After we took our test,we read a book! On Friday,we did not have any math because we were on a field trip! We had so much fun!

Mrs. Price's Math Class

This week in math we continued our unit about Converting Measurements. We only had three days of math because of the field trip those days we did whole group and guided math.We worked on guided practices.We worked on a math vocabulary sheet and a Common Core Review from unit 10. Parents please note our topic 11 EnVision math test is next week.That is what we did in math this week.


This week we had a lot of fun in Writing.We got to make a Animoto about an ad like Coke and Skittles. Before we did that we had to know what was an ad.We had to find facts, a slogan and a logo..We had to choose an advertising technique. They are Bandswagon,Loaded words,Testimonial, and Transfer,

Repetition. We had to list 3 Fun facts.

Don't for get to watch your kids Animoto.

Click here to see our Persuasive Ad Animoto videos.

Username: shassels@district158.org

Password: D158


This week in science we learned all about waves. Waves can be anything from sound waves,to heat wave,to water waves. We used a website called String Thing. You can take strings and you can make them different lengths to make a different noise, it's like tuning a guitar. You can also choose between electric,acoustic,and synth. You can also choose between what percussion you would like. The choices are a tin can,a glass bottle,or a paper towel roll. We also did a spoon experiment. We had to tie a string around a spoon and then take the ends of the string and rap it around our fingers. Then we put our fingers in our ears and bang it up against our desk and listen for the ringing sound.


Today we danced. It was fun because we had practice pads and we also went on a game pad and did levels. On Tuesday we played a dice game with exercises with codes we had to crack. Wensday we did the MILE RUN AGAIN!!!! I got 10th place witch is ok. today we did a pirate game where you get any thing like a red ball and it has to get the same exact thing but, you collect 7 of them.


We finished our self portraits. We mixed chalk together to get our skin tone. We also completed our backgrounds and colored our self portraits!


On Monday, we played a fun game of major and minor 4 corners. One way you can play is going to a corner, and then Ms. Karl would play music. If that song matches the description of your corner, you're out. Another way to play is she plays the music before, and you have to go to the right corner. On Wednesday, we made music in the chrome music lab, and the music you made has to go with the mood you picked. On Thursday, we played 4 corners again.

Summer Ice

See attached flyer about the Summer Ice Program offered through our school district.

Click here for the flyer.