Esthetics Department

Everything you need to know about achieving great skin!!!

Our Mission

We primarily work on the texture and refine the skin's appearance. We can refine the appearance the skin and shallow lines a bit. However, for patients with moderate to heavy pigment and lines and wrinkles, a more aggressive treatment is available in laser or with a provider.

Esthetics Schedule

Allene’s schedule- Tuesday 8-1, Thursday 8-3:30 and Sat 8-12

Jenn Taylor’s schedule- Wed 3,3:30, Friday 8-2:30

Chemical Peels

30 minutes- includes cleansing, extractions and application of peel and sunscreen

60 minutes- - includes cleansing, extractions and application of peel to meet skin’s needs This treatment also includes massage of the hands, shoulder and chest. More spa like. It is also good for people who need a lot of extractions. This is good for someone who has not had a facial in a long time.

Benefits- Allows time for consultation and adequate skin analysis. $140Benefits- Can work more deeply on acne and pigment. Can make good progress with a series of 4 peels spaced 3-4 weeks apart. 10% when you buy a package of 4

Warning- Patient needs to refrain for retinoid usage for 2 days for and after. No aggressive sun exposure for a week.

Tip about peels- Most peels do not make the skin peel unless we are aggressive with the application or put a layer of retinol over it. So, unless they request peeling, the chemical peel actually wipes the dead skin cells away when we are applying it to the skin and works on the underlying layers. May make skin a little dry for 2-4 days after.

Types we carry- Skin Medica, PCA Ultra Peel, Sal Acid, Glycolic, Jessner, and Retinol.( we can explain which one is appropriate to the patient)

Microdermabrasion- Silk Peel

30 minutes- Cleanse, 2 passes with diamond tipped wand with liquid infusion. Sends treatment solution deep into the skin. Solution for pigment, hydration, acne, and overall vitality. Light extractions, and sunscreen, $100

60 Minutes- Cleanse, 2 passes with diamond tipped want and liquid infusion. Includes massage of shoulders, chest and hands. This is good for someone who has not had a facial in a long time. Allows time for consultation and adequate skin analysis. $175

Benefits- Good for an overall cleaning and to allow extractions to come out more easily. Instant gratification with no down time.


30 minutes- a medical grade tool is used to scrape all the dead skin cells away along with vellus hair. $85

60 minutes- Procedure, plus we can steam and do extractions and some light massage. $135

Benefits- Physical exfoliation that makes the skin shine and look great. No down time except a little sensitivity. Not good for cystic acne and moderate to extreme roscea.

Tip- For some patients that have built up tolerance, we can add a light chemical after wards for deeper effect on anti aging and pigment.

Skin Pen

1 hour- Medical grade device that contains disposable pen heads with 15 needles that gently pierce the skin to encourage skin rejuvenation. Good for acne scars, fine lines, light pigment and overall appearance. $300 includes face and neck.

30 minutes- We can do eyes or mouth in this time period. Or cheek areas for acne scars-

Eyes or Mouth- $100 both $150

Cheeks- $150

Tip- We have to numb the patient for this procedure. They will feel irritated like a first degree sunburn. They will be red and slightly swollen that day. They should be fine after 24 hours. Results begin at 14 days and max results come at 4 weeks. Most patients need 3 treatments for more dramatic results.

Patient may be dry and slough a bit after. No retinoid use 2 days before and 5 days after. They need to use a generic moisturizer with no acid or chemicals.

This is NOT a substitute for laser. Some patients with deep lines and acne scars may need laser. However, this is a good treatment for those that cannot afford the down time and live an active lifestyle where they will be outside a bit. It is effective but we cannot guarantee the same results as laser.

Custom Facial

30 minutes- $50 cleanse, steam and extractions. No chemical used. Good for teens or people that just want extractions.

1 hour- $90- Cleanse, steam, extractions, mask, massage on the face, chest, and arms and hands. More traditional style facial for someone who is very sensitive or just wants to relax.

Acne Surgery

$95 for 30 minutes- Cleanse, extractions, and moisturize.

These are commonly covered by insurance but they must have an acne diagnosis. We cannot say if it will be covered or not. They will need to call their insurance. The procedure code is 10040 and the diagnosis code is 706.1. If it is not covered, they will be billed $95 by the office. Can get 2 weeks apart. Most patients need them about 2 weeks apart at first to get the acne under control then, they can go to about once a month.

Most people will look pretty rough afterwards and will remain swollen and red for 24-48 hours but it is very beneficial to getting the pores clean.

Other services

Skin Care consultation- This is at no charge and can be booked for 30 minutes. We will go over their needs and recommend products and provide samples for most of the items.

Waxing and tinting- We can wax facial areas but do not do bikini waxes. We use a chamomile wax that is very gentle. We also trim brows and shape them with the waxing treatment. Patients using Retin-a and acids have to refrain for 5 days because it thins the skin. Also, Patients who are on Accutane cannot get waxing. Wax- 10 minutes per area.

Brow- $20


Tint$10- For brows

Makeup application- We can do a 30 minutes consult for no charge. We can apply the primer, powder and bronzer. However, we do not teach makeup or apply eyeshadow and so forth. So, it is really for a foundation match and understanding of the Colorscience line.

General Information

I like to have 1 hour booked for someone’s first visit with us upstairs. We consult and talk a lot about their skin care regimen. So, please encourage a one hour visit. Always ask if they are new upstairs to us and note that. They will leave with skin care ideas and regimen if they request that. We can also give samples.

Tip- It is really important to be diligent with a good home care regimen. So, if people ask what will their results be, just relay that it will depend on how they treat their skin after and staying out of direct sunlight.